We are in challenging times. The number of movies available to families and young adults is astounding. Event more astounding is the number of movie/film products that do not reflect moral values.

This Ministry was designed as a resource for families, parents, and grandparents, who as author Jim Burn's book, "Raising G-Rated Kids in a X-Rated World" described the challenge.

Listed here are just a few movie resources that one could use to seek-out and get educated on the number of high-quality productions available to families. This list includes rating organizations, film companies, and rental companies that specialize in Christian films.


The Dove Foundation is one of the best family-christian movie review sites. 


The Christian Film Database is a great resource. CFDb is a "Non-denominational" online Christian Film Resource Hub. We are located in the U.S., but list "Christian Films" and other resources, from all over the world. We list all films with a "Christian Message", no matter who makes it.

Production & Distribution Companies

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Films of the Month - "The Encounter - Paradise Lost"

Dove "Family-Approved" For Ages 12 and Over

Very strong evangelistic Christian, biblical worldview about Jesus appearing to a group of people to bring some of them to Him, including discussions of fallacious worldviews, such as Buddhism, beautifully refuted; no foul language; action chase scenes, shootings, blood, beatings, one man takes the bullet for another person and dies, discussions of death, and discussions of the devastation of the tsunami that destroyed a large part of Thailand and left 230,000 dead; mild discussions of sex, girl sold into sex slavery, and bar scenes, but nothing revealing or salacious; no nudity; strong alcohol use; discussions of drugs and drug overdoses, woman dies of drug overdose, and a bag of heroin is shown; and, attempted suicide not carried out, marital distress, drug kingpin marked for murder, and government corruption, all rebuked.