Franklin Graham's Decision America 2016

Prayer rallies in all 50 states. Washington State in June 29th. 12 noon on the capital steps in Olympia, Washington. 

Wednesday, June 29th at 12:00 PM on the Olympia capital steps. In order to reserve a mini-bus with 24 seats a deposit is required. So, if you would like to go with us please sign up today. The cost is estimated at $65/pp. Sign up sheet is at the
Connection Desk.

Franklin Graham announced he will embark on a 50-state tour of the United States next year called the Decision America Tour. He made the following announcement on his Facebook page:

America is in trouble. At 62 years of age, I’ve lived long enough to learn that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can turn this country around; no political party or politician is the answer.

The only hope for this country is Almighty God and His Son Jesus Christ.