Get to know your Audio Visual team

On average a heart beats 72 times a minute and we don’t have to think about it….it just happens. The same can be said for North Shore Bible Church’s Audio Visual (A/V) team. They are behind the scenes, working hard to make your Thursday and Sunday services enjoyable. So let’s get to know our team.

Overseeing the A/V team is Efren Alejo, Worship and Youth Director at North Shore. He works with his team of volunteers continually improving all aspects of your audio and visual experience. Recently NSBC worked with Chelan County PUD upgrading the lighting in Sowers Hall to LED. “This makes an amazing difference,” says Efren. “All the overhead lights have dimmers so you can adjust lighting to match the need. Over the long run this will be a cost saving for the church as the LED lights use far less electricity and they last much longer.”

During the remodel of the main sanctuary a new stage was added, more user friendly and the audio visual equipment move to a better location. Efren has some major improvements that includes replacing the current screen in Sowers Hall with a LED model, kind of like your home TV only much larger. “They are pretty pricey right now but are coming down fast. My big dream is the development and building of a recording studio at our Church,” Efren said. The A/V team has made several improvements to the sound system this past year.

Efren and Charles put together the Keynote document

Efren and Charles put together the Keynote document

Charles Corulli is the brains behind Keynote (Apple’s version of PowerPoint). Charles teams up with Pastor Rayment who supplies his sermon notes, very detailed as to which slides will be use during the sermon and when they will be used. Charles surfs the Internet to find the perfect photos that highlight the Pastor’s message. Then using Keynote, Efren adds the words to the songs and were ready to rock!

Charles spent 25 years working as a computer programmer and a semi-conductor engineer. Both professions took him away from Manson but when he retired seven years ago he return to Manson and NSBC. When asked why he volunteers for the Audio Visual team he said “It’s simple. There was a need and Pastor Craig asked me to help. I also volunteer at the Connection Café for an entirely different reason. I love my lattes and I wanted to make sure they would be available!”

John Swenson, a member of NSBC’s Elder Board shares duties running the Keynote program during Sunday service, alternating weeks with Charles. John joined the Naval Reserve while attending Washington State University where he earned his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree. He spent eight years in the Navy working as a pharmacist. In 1980 he received his Master’s Degree at the University of Washington. John’s career spanned over forty years as a pharmacist and a pharmacy administrator for several major employers.  His skills as an administrator are beneficial to the Elder Board and our church. John and his wife Claudia have been members of NSBC for twenty years. They moved to the Chelan Valley full time in 2009 and they both retired in 2013.

John operates the Keynote slide show

John operates the Keynote slide show

Johnathan Howe hails from Michigan where he spent his youth. He was a member of Five Corners Church and that’s where he was introduced to A/V duties. He worked as a camp counselor at a Christian camp for kids. He met a young woman, Tatyana a few years ago. Her family lives in the Chelan Valley so two years ago Johnathan made the move to Chelan. “I’m going to marry that girl someday,” he said with almost certain confidence. He became friends with Mike Sherer and worked for him for a short period of time. Mike and Mary invited him to NSBC and he loves it here. Tom Anglin convinced Johnathan to volunteer on the A/V team since he was already experienced. You will find Johnathan on the soundboard almost every Sunday. Johnathan currently works as a concrete finisher for NW Concrete.

Johnathan at the soundboard

Johnathan at the soundboard

Tom Ramella is the Lead Sound man for the team. Just looking at all those levers, switches and lights on the sound board is overwhelming to me! Tom started coming to NSBC when he was in the fourth grade. His parents, Jim and Linda Ramella have been North Shore members for years. After graduation from high school he left Manson to continue his education and start a career. Tom returned back to Manson about a year ago and works at Lake Chelan Community Hospital. When asked why he volunteers for the Audio Visual team he says, “I love this stuff and I love serving God.”

Tom and Judy run the show on Thursday

Tom and Judy run the show on Thursday

Judy Johnson the newest member of the A/V team is a West Seattle girl. Judy took on the duty of running the Keynote program for Thursday night service. She normally works with Tom running the sound board.

Judy’s fiancé, Geoff have known each other since 1st grade and were best friends from the beginning. They grew up going to the same elementary and middle schools, even the same high school after their families ended up relocating to Des Moines. They have been together for seven years and have a six year old daughter named Kaylee. Judy has worked for Wells Fargo Bank for five years serving several locations in Texas and Washington State.

They moved to Manson in January of 2016. Judy says, “We have always enjoyed a small town lifestyle and found Manson a perfect community environment to put our roots and raise our daughter. We were invited to NSBC a year ago and have been going ever since. Before coming to North Shore we have never experienced such a welcoming and friendly church. The leadership team at the church really went out of their way to get to know us and made us feel like family. And you don’t get to meet people like that every day! Our experience and how we have been treated here at North Shore really is what inspired me to volunteer. I love North Shore's vision and I'd love to do anything I can to make sure other people feel the same way when they come visit our church.”

Judy went to school for Visual Communications/Graphic Design so it is fulfilling to do not only what she loves in the audio/visual aspect of volunteering, but at the same time she is able to give back to this church community that has done so much for our family.

I asked Pastor Rayment to give his thoughts regarding our A/V team. “As the pastor here at North Shore, I know that the Audio Visual team plays a vital role in our church.  They help the people on stage sound and look good in what we do.  If they are off in their slides or off in their audio, then we are off in presenting the compelling message of Jesus Christ.  Fortunately, each of our volunteers do an excellent job of keeping our lines of communication open and on target.  I am very grateful for their willingness to sit apart from their loved ones during the service so they can provide this important ministry.  As we like to say here at NSBC…WAY TO GO!” said Pastor Craig.

If you would like to find out how you can volunteer to serve on the Audio Visual team contact Efren. Next time you see members of the A/V team be sure to say thank you!

Be sure to visit NSBC’s website to learn the latest North Shore news.

By Norm Manly

Jim and Mary Ann Talley

Recently I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Jim and Mary Ann Talley at their beautiful home overlooking the Chelan River (Gorge) and enjoying a handful of Mary Ann’s killer Chocolate Chip cookies. We talked about their four decades at North Shore Bible Church and their many active rolls that helped North Shore grow and become a magnificent place to worship our God.

Jim and Mary Ann were couple seven to join the church. “We were very pleased with the young Pastor Craig as his teachings were from the Bible, his sermons were excellent and he also served as Youth Pastor,” Jim said.

Jim and Mary Ann in 1977

Jim and Mary Ann in 1977

A vivid memory for Jim and Mary Ann was the day Pastor Craig dipped them in the cold waters of Lake Chelan, they were the first two people he baptized. Pastor Craig said, “My fear that day was that I might drown him.” Since then Craig has performed over 300 baptisms. Pastor Craig went on to say, “Jim has been a great friend and mentor in my life and I’m thankful for Jim and Mary Ann.”

Mary Ann is very proud to say she was a stay at home mom and raised three children, one girl and two boys. They now have five grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Jim spent his working career as a history teacher and coached football and basketball for 27 years at Chelan High School. The Talley’s also operated an apple orchard for years.

Jim was appointed the third Elder at North Shore and he helped write the By Laws and Articles of Incorporation. Jim and Mary Ann led “Homes of Honor” for two years where parents can better learn how to raise their children by discussing their strengths and weaknesses with other parents. This series by Gary Smalley was on eight track tapes. Both Jim and Mary Ann agree this was an excellent program that brought much success to many North Shore folks. They were also involved in a program called “Care Groups” for eighteen years.

Mary Ann has led and is a member of the Women’s Thursday morning Bible study that’s been in existence for thirty years. The Talley’s have hosted small groups at their home for fifteen years. In fact their living room is set up specifically for hosting the meetings.

Jim and Mary Ann are happy to see North Shore Bible Church thriving and stronger than ever! They think the world of the North Shore team and gives a big shout out to Efren for his work with the Worship team and youth programs. Jim and Mary Ann said, “We love our Church.” The Talley’s will celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary on September 6.

By Norm Manly

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I really enjoy our worship music and outstanding and inspiring messages from Pastor Craig but what I really like about North Shore Bible Church is the people. We are blessed with an amazing staff and congregation with a caring heart and much to offer to our church and community.

Norm’s News from North Shore is designed to build on positives already in place by providing information and opportunities for networking and volunteering, which will bring us closer together as a church.

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After 30 years in operation, improvements to the NSBC building have deservedly been underway for a year and a half starting with a new roof. The completion of this project was followed by a remodel of NSBC’s entry and main sanctuary. Hardwood flooring has now replaced the carpets in the entrance and hallways, the carpet of thirty plus years has been replaced in the main sanctuary, over 200 new chairs have been purchased and added to NSBC’s offered seating, the stage has been rebuilt in the main sanctuary and new and improved lighting has been installed. Everything has been given a fresh coat of paint to complete NSBC’s “New Look.”