NSBC IGNITE youth ministry is made to serve and equip students who are in Middle School and High School.  We exist to help students grow through these formative years to be men and women who Love God, Love People, and to Serve the World.


WHO? It's designed for students, grades 6-12. We hope all students who are visiting our lake Chelan will also be part of our NSBC family


WHAT? IGNITE YOUTH is a bit different than what going to church is usually like. There will be people of all sorts and backgrounds. chat about life and God. It's actually a cool thing. Laid back, yet serious. Whether you're new or not, we think you'll find a good fit in one of our Youth gatherings.


WHEN? Every Friday from 6pm to 7:30pm our IGNITED youth comes together to grow deeper within the word fellowship and meet new friends. 

For more information please contact Youth Directors Efren Alejo 509.670.4569

Whitney Pittman at whitneyp@northshorebc.org