Date Night 2016


The men of North Shore Bible Church hosted their special lady for our Third Annual Date Night on September 15, 2016. The venue, Rancho Grande Restaurant located at 225 Highway 150 in Chelan provided us with a perfect setting!

As people started arriving at 5:30 they were given a nametag and a program. Rancho Grande gave us the entire lower floor of the Restaurant and we packed it with sixty people! The room was decorated with red, green and white balloons and streamers. I thank my bride Susan for helping decorate.

The bar was open and many enjoy a Rancho Grande Margarita, they were very good! Owner Juan welcomed us to his establishment at 6:15, Pastor Craig provided a blessing and dinner was served. I heard many positive comments regarding the food and I agree it was a wonderful meal. At the end of dinner we were all provided with a very tasty dessert.

With everyone full and happy the next event was a Mexican Hat Dance! Temmy Alejo and Brenda Bain gave a quick lesson on how to do the dance. Before long the dance floor was full and the ladies were having a great time! What’s good for the goose is good for the gander so I next dragged the men on the dance floor.


Bruce Bain took the stage and hosted the Knowledge Bowl. The ladies were given a form with ten questions that were multiple choice. After going through the ten questions the ladies exchanged forms and graded each other. Questions were not easy, here’s an example. If you were in Detroit and were to head due south, which foreign country would you run into first? Answers – Cuba, Mexico, Canada, Columbia or Haiti. What’s your answer!!

The big winner with seven correct answers was Sally Avritt. The Men’s Night team had accumulated ten prizes for the winners. Bruce did an excellent job as usual and we had many laughs with some of the answers!

We thank the following businesses for providing gifts. Allison’s of Manson, Culinary Apple, Doc’s Coffee House, End of the Road Rustique, Green Dot Sub Shot, Second Act, Vogue, Westside Pizza and Winegirls Wines.

To complete the evening ladies were chosen at random to swing a bat in an attempt to break one of two piñatas. They were blind folded and turned around a couple of times. Arne Einmo was in charge of making it difficult to hit the piñatas and he did a dang good job.

It was a great evening and I thank all the men from North Shore for their help and a very special thank you to Juan and his crew at the Rancho Grande Restaurant for making the evening perfect. Efrin ended the evening by closed us in prayer.