Our Elder Board

Craig Rayment Senior Pastor/Counseling 687-3636 (church) craigr@mail.northshorebc.org
Dave McCue Building & Grounds 509-670-0188 mccuedp@msn.com
Tom Anglin Sunday Morning Support 425-870-7689 chelanbound@hotmail.com
Larry Jungk Build(inside) 509-687-3234 tjungk@cablespeed.com
John Swenson Administration 360-359-3506 pop.palmer@gmail.com
Rich Moore Building Support 509-687-3636 sower095@juno.com

Dave, John, Larry, Tom, Rich, Pastor Craig standing ....

Dave, John, Larry, Tom, Rich, Pastor Craig standing ....

The Elder Board, made up of men who are members of North Shore Bible Church and who meet the biblical qualifications of an Elder, shall be the highest authority under the congregation.

According to Scripture, their role is one of oversight and shepherding. Elders are to serve as representatives of God in leading the people into obedience to God’s Word.

Their responsibilities include:

• Praying for the individuals and the ministries of NSBC.

• Determining the overall vision and direction of the church.

• Partnering with the Senior Pastor to insure the vision and values approved by the Elder Board are being carried out

• Ensuring the church’s teaching and practices reflect biblical truth.

• Providing direction on all financial matters.

• Maintaining NSBC operations and policy manuals, ensuring that they are current and fully implemented.

• Providing avenues for pastoral care, conflict resolution, discipline, and restoration.

The Elder Board shall consist only of elected Elders and the Senior Pastor.