Guidelines for any group using North Shore facilities
or Scheduling a North Shore event or program

If you are planning an event or program, please download the Event Approval Form (click here), complete the form and turn it in at least 6 weeks in advance of any proposed event. ALL EVENTS or Programs must be approved in advance. 

Use of church facilities or scheduling an event by church sponsored groups, church members, and outside groups already approved by the Elders or Church staff may also be approved by the staff member in charge of the church calendar.

Why Required? Every ministry or event leader would like to  have the maximum participation. Avoiding schedules that overlap, or are too close to one another will help both the event planner and be respectful for those attending. On many occasions, participants are forced to choose one event or another. Planning is essential. 

Approvals are required. The individual making the request shall be at least 21 years of age and will be responsible for the implementation of these guidelines. Unscheduled or un-chaperoned use of the buildings is prohibited and appropriate supervision is required.


The use of alcoholic beverages or any controlled substance is strictly prohibited on NSBC property.

  • If church property is damaged, charges for the damages may be assessed and charged to the group causing the damage, at the discretion of the Church Elders.
  • Individual/groups shall confine all activity to the area reserved. They are responsible for their own set-up and breakdown of furniture and equipment. A room should be left in the condition in which it was found, unless agreed to in advance.
  • The Pastoral staff or Elder Board reserves the right to cancel, postpone, or move to another room any group if it is anticipated that there will be interference with a funeral, other worship service or special function.
  • All groups must vacate the building by 10pm in order to secure the property, unless prior approval has been granted by the chair of the Church Staff or in-charge Elder.
  • NSBC cares deeply about children and has developed a comprehensive policy concerning children. Groups must understand and abide by the policy, which is available upon request through the church office. Outside groups using the facilities and providing their own childcare agree to hold North Shore Bible Church blameless.
  • Individuals/groups must provide their own refreshments and supplies such as coffee, paper products, etc. These are not provided by the church UNLESS prior arrangements and/or approval by NSBC.
  • Use of musical equipment owned by the church is not allowed without specific approval of the Music Director.
  • Individuals/groups must provide their own audio/visual equipment. Exceptions require approval in advance by the church staff making the reservation.
  • Administrative support is not available and the use of the church office equipment is not allowed. All outside individuals/groups are responsible for their own needs.
  • Decorations for an event may be used if all decorations meet city/county fire regulations; use of nails, tacks or scotch tape on woodwork and walls is prohibited.

Liability Insurance Policy

NSBC is required by our business/liability insurance provider to request a Certificate of Additional Named Insured from all outside groups using the church facilities.  This is usually a one page document that is provided by the outside users insurance company naming North Shore Bible Church as an additional insured for the specific date(s) of the event.  In the case of an individual (or family) – not a business entity – this is generally requested from the renters homeowners insurance. 

The purpose of this certificate is to protect NSBC from negligence or injury while on our church property incurred by the renter or their guests.  In the case of an individual using their personal insurance, this is often part of an umbrella policy or the liability section of their homeowners insurance; or in the case of a person who does not own a home or business, it would be part of their renter’s insurance policy.

Please check with your insurance agent.  If you have any questions please contact Chris Jamieson  or Whitney Pittman in the church office

Post Event Process

Prior to leaving, individuals/groups using the facility are responsible for:

·     Cleaning up and putting all tables and chairs back to original position.

·     Picking up all trash, including restrooms, and deposit in proper outside containers.

·     Cleaning kitchen facilities, if used, per instructions posted in the kitchen.

·     Making sure there is no smoking or drinking of alcohol on church premises.

·     Turning off all lights, including restrooms.

·     Check to see that doors have locked. If they have not, call the number/person listed on the door.

Members may use the church facilities for family reunions, anniversaries, showers, and birthday parties. Members are expected to follow the guidelines above, especially regarding clean up. An appropriate size-related honorarium to NSBC is expected but not required.

Good prior planning is essential for a successful event or program. If you have any questions please contact
Whitney Pittman at 509.687.3636 or email