Q: How Do I Give On-line?

A: Click the “OnLine Giving” blue  button and follow the prompts to give one time or set up a regular schedule of giving.

Q: Why Give On-line?

A: Online giving is a personal preference. There are a variety of reasons that may make it appealing to you.

It is a step of faith. Deciding in advance to give faithfully.

It allows you to give consistently and regularly even when you are not at church.

It allows you to focus on the service when you are at church.

Consistent giving helps the church plan and carry out its mission.

Yes, you may even get credit card reward points.

Q: I thought too much use of credit cards was discouraged by the church ?

A: Credit cards like other useful things in life can be misused and bring grief instead of benefits. If you don’t pay your credit card balance in full each month, it may not be an appropriate vehicle for giving.

Q: Can I use any credit card or debit card?

A: Our system works with EasyTithe, a company who specializes in secure on-line giving for religious organizations and most credit cards are accepted.

Q: I click the “Online Giving” button but nothing happens.

A: When you click the link button a new browser window is opened. This window will not open if you are using a pop-up blocker. Most security tools will allow you to permit pop-ups on a specific web site. In order to use the Giving area, you will need to allow pop-ups from http://www.northshorebc.org.

Q: Can I test this by giving one time ?

A: Yes. There are options to give one time or at regular intervals.

Q: Can I give to special funds ?

A: No. Currently there is not an option to give to designated projects and ministries or missions. All funds received are dedicated to the general fund. 

Q: How secure is my giving on-line ?

A: Your giving is very secure. We have gone with a nationally-known commercial service to process transactions.

Q: Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

A: Contact Chris Jamison at the church office at (509) 687-3636 or email: treasurer@mail.northshorebc.org