Tom and Carolyn Tobey

At North Shore Bible Church 2018

At North Shore Bible Church 2018

I met with Tom and Carolyn Tobey in their lovely home on Lake Chelan, just off Highway 150 in Manson. Their home is very warm and inviting and contains amazing highlights of their life together. We talked over a couple cups of coffee and some wonderful sugar cookies Carolyn had made.

Tom was born May 27, 1946 in Kankakee, Illinois, located 50 miles south of Chicago. Kankakee is a rural town supported by agriculture and a few industrial plants with ties to Chicago companies. It is infamous as one of the small towns in Illinois where Al Capone went to hide out when things got too hot in Chicago during prohibition! Tom’s mom’s family grew up in this area and she married his dad after his discharged from the United States Air Force after World War II. Tom’s dad worked in construction building houses and plastering until 1965 when he joined a small pharmaceutical company. He finished his career as plant manager for that company that was later bought by Bayer. The company processed animal blood fractions that were used making medical products for humans.

Tom always an optimist fishing in a mud puddle!

Tom always an optimist fishing in a mud puddle!

Tom is the oldest in his family, has two brothers and a sister. He graduated from Bradley-Bourbonnais Community High School in 1964. Tom played football and was team captain, he participated in track, wrestling and served as senior class president. He excelled at math and had a keen interest in science and technology. Growing up Tom’s hero was John Wayne.

After high school Tom attended the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois, he graduated in 1969 with a degree in Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering. He also earned his private pilot license during college. After graduation Tom went to work as a Propulsion Engineer with the Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, California, working on the DC-10 airplane, development and certification.

Honeymoon in beautiful Hawaii

Honeymoon in beautiful Hawaii

Wedding Day

Wedding Day

A major event in Tom and Carolyn’s lives took place July 12, 1969, the day they met. “It was one of those God things, Tom said. I had spent the entire day taking the Graduate Management Admissions Test for the MBA program at Cal State Long Beach and was ready to relax. A friend told me they had a great band at the Rain Tree night club in Redondo Beach, about a 40-minute drive away.” Carolyn was living in Redondo Beach at the time and enjoyed going to the Rain Tree on the weekends with her friend Linda. Carolyn told me “Linda and I both loved to dance but we had a rule that we would not let men sit at our table.  It was pretty crowded and as Linda and I were just sitting down, Tom asked me to dance. By the time we got back to the table Linda was dancing with a guy and we both violated our own rule and let the guys sit with us! As it turns out, we both married these two guys.” I loved Tom’s beautiful smile and we had lots of fun dancing. Before the night was over Tom asked me out for our first date to the San Diego Zoo the next day.” Tom and Carolyn were engaged on Easter 1970 and married on June 27, 1970 at Long Beach Methodist Church spending their honeymoon in Hawaii.

In 1973 their first daughter, Nicole was born followed by another daughter, Stephanie, in 1976. During this time, Tom earned his MBA degree from the University of California at Long Beach.  Tom then accepted a position with McDonnell Douglas as a Technical Representative in Dayton, Ohio. Tom and Carolyn packed up the family and moved from Long Beach to Dayton, Ohio. There he worked closely with the United States Air Force at Wright Aeronautical Laboratories and McDonnell-Douglas engineers developing new propulsion systems, cockpit escape systems and aircraft technologies. In 1979 Tom and Carolyn were blessed with their son, Matthew.

From Dayton, Tom joined the Boeing Company in 1979 as a Technical Representative and moved with his family to Washington, DC. In Washington he continued working with the Airforce, NASA and other government agencies to develop new technology programs such as the anti-satellite (ASAT) program designed to incapacitate or destroy enemy satellites and President Ronald Regan’s Star Wars project, a proposed missile defense system intended to protect the United States from attack by ballistic strategic nuclear weapons (intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ballistic missiles).

The Tobey family in 1980 with Grandpa and Grandma Tobey in Washington DC

The Tobey family in 1980 with Grandpa and Grandma Tobey in Washington DC

In 1981, Tom accepted an assignment with the Boeing Company’s Kent Space Center where he served as Manager of Engineering Technology with the out plant technology offices and the internal technology proposal operations reporting to him. Carolyn and Tom moved their family from Washington to Kent for this assignment. They bought a home with three acres on the east hill of Kent and lived there for the next 24 years as Tom worked various assignments for the Boeing Company in the Seattle area.

In 1988 Tom accepted a corporate position reporting to the Senior Vice President of Engineering for the Boeing Company in Seattle. In 1990 he became the Director of Program Management for the Boeing Commercial Airplane Fabrication Division in Auburn, Washington, the largest airplane parts plant in the world supporting production for all Boeing commercial jetliners. He then moved on to Director of Continuous Quality Improvement and then to Director of the Interiors Responsibility Center in Everett. After that assignment he became the Director of Boeing Commercial Manufacturing Research and Development until he retired in 2006. While at Boeing he served as the executive interface to the University of Illinois, he was on the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Leaders for Manufacturing Board, the Boeing Technical Fellows evaluation committee, led the selection of the University Outstanding Educator Award and was on the Board for Music Works Northwest.

Back row Tom, Carolyn, Matt Tobey, Nicole Price and Greg Price Front row Kaiden Tobey (Matt’s son), Ava Price and Stephanie Tobey in 2004

Back row Tom, Carolyn, Matt Tobey, Nicole Price and Greg Price
Front row Kaiden Tobey (Matt’s son), Ava Price and Stephanie Tobey in 2004

When Tom ended his career, all of the various aerospace companies he worked for had merged to become the Boeing Company giving him 37 years of combined service! Tom enjoyed the variety of assignments, interesting people and different locations he experienced during this time.  His wife Carolyn and his family were at his side the whole time moving across country and back, meeting one challenge after another.

Carolyn and Tom in New Zealand 2016

Carolyn and Tom in New Zealand 2016

Sunshine Acres - Mesa, Arizona

Sunshine Acres - Mesa, Arizona

Carolyn Scott was born in Phoenix, Arizona on May 31, 1947. She had a challenging childhood she thought was normal at the time. Carolyn’s mother worked as a waitress, barely getting by, after the birth of her fifth child she wanted more freedom.  So she dropped all five children at an aunt’s house in Colorado and disappeared, Carolyn was seven years old at the time! The aunt, who had four children of her own, was unable to care for all of the children so Carolyn and her brothers were turned over to the State of Colorado and placed in an orphanage and foster care. A year later her mother returned, picked up the children and took them to Phoenix, Arizona, where she and her new husband were running a small restaurant. The children were a big burden for the the struggling couple. Looking for some relief, Carolyn’s mom placed Carolyn and her brothers, except for her baby brother, in Sunshine Acres Children Home in Mesa, Arizona. Carolyn remained at Sunshine Acres from third grade until she was a sophomore in high school. The Mission of Sunshine Acres is to “Provide a loving, wholesome, Christian home for children who are separated from their parents helping them establish long-term relationships with stable parental figures, preparing them for success in adult life.” Carolyn and her brothers were among “the first 500” at Sunshine Acres and she looks back at this time as the best part of her childhood. Carolyn recalls lots of stories about growing up at Sunshine Acres as this facility grew and established itself as a first-rate care facility for children.

The story is not over as Carolyn’s mom picked up the children again and moved the family to Los Angeles! There Carolyn graduated from Morning Side High School located in Inglewood, California in 1965. During high school she played the violin in orchestra and sang in chorus.


After graduating, Carolyn attended the Cambridge School of Medical and Dental Assistant program and went on to work in a cardiologist office in Torrance, California.  After marrying Tom, she returned to school at Long Beach Community College pursuing a two-year Liberal Arts degree.

During the family moves across country and back, Carolyn stayed at home while the children were growing up. In 1985 Carolyn returned to the workforce working for the Boeing Company in several positions of increasing responsibility ending up as a Manager of Quality Control for the 737 and 757 planes. Carolyn retired in 2000 with 15 years’ service to the Boeing Company.

When the family moved to Kent, Washington, they had purchased a “fixer upper” home and had a great time doing the repairs and developing the property. Grandpa and Grandma Tobey thought Tom and Carolyn should do something with the new property they had purchased so they purchased the kids a Shetland pony for Christmas. The kids loved the pony and that led to a barn, riding arena, tack, trailer, truck and as many as five quarter horses at one time for the Tobeys! Nicole, Stephanie and Mathew were all 4-H and Washington State Horsemen members and competed in fairs and various horsemanship events. The horses were lots of fun, but when college came the horses went!

The Manson Fire Department gets some real live practice in 2004.

The Manson Fire Department gets some real live practice in 2004.

In 1992 Tom and Carolyn purchased a house on the south shore of Lake Chelan as their summer home. When Tom was ready to retire, he sold the Kent property and purchased a larger property on the north shore of Lake Chelan, their current home. Tom and Carolyn looked at remodeling this property, but decided the changes they wanted to make would not be cost effective so they had it burned for Manson fire department training.  They moved into their current house in 2006.

Tom and Carolyn getting ready for a trip to Israel November 2012 with a group from North Shore Bible Church.

Tom and Carolyn getting ready for a trip to Israel November 2012 with a group from North Shore Bible Church.

Throughout their careers, Tom and Carolyn have been involved in church, community and service activities, that has not changed after moving to Manson. Tom served as a North Shore Elder for three years, served on the Manson Parks Board, a Sunday school teacher, helping with building maintenance and repair and as a worship technical operator at North Shore Bible Church. He has volunteered at Habitat for Humanity. He and Carolyn were members of the Manson Chamber of Commerce and the Chelan Chamber of Commerce when they were running their business in Manson. Carolyn taught Sunday school at North Shore, sang in the choir and is a member of the Lake Chelan Community Hospital Guild B.

Mill Bay Marine.JPG

In 2007 the Tobey’s purchased Mill Bay Marine. “I needed a place to store my boat and at the time it was a business that fit my interest, said Tom. And better yet it was across the street from our home!”

Carolyn enjoys gardening, wonderful therapy !

Carolyn enjoys gardening, wonderful therapy!

In 2016 after experiencing severe dizziness Carolyn was diagnosed with three brain tumors. After two major brain surgeries and months of therapy she is slowly recovering her balance. Their faith, the prayer warriors at North Shore Bible Church, their small group and the constant support of family and friends girded them and gave them the strength to face this life-changing issue. Carolyn said “God was with us every step of the way.”

Tom and Carolyn both enjoy gardening and travel. Carolyn loves growing vegetables and flowers. Tom is a collector of garden scale trains and is currently building a miniature mountain in their garden that his trains will travel through. Grandpa breaks out the trains when the grandkids come over for a visit.


Tom and his trains.

Tom and his trains.

Garden of Gethsemane - 2012

Garden of Gethsemane - 2012

Tom and Carolyn have attended North Shore Bible Church since 2005 and enjoy the music, Pastor Craig’s Bible based sermons, and the friendly people. They are excited about all the changes taking place at North Shore and look forward to continued growth and community involvement.

When I asked about their hopes and dreams for the future they said, “Staying healthy, traveling and watching our family grow and prosper. Our oldest daughter, Nicole, is married and now lives in Omaha, Nebraska, second daughter Stephanie lives in Reno, Nevada and son Mathew is married and lives in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Matt is in the Air Force stationed at Barksdale AFB. We have two grandchildren and we love it when they come to visit us in Lake Chelan.”

It was wonderful to spend time with the Tom and Carolyn, getting to know them better, they are such great people! And folks that’s the purpose of these stories because now you know the Tobey’s much better! We have an amazing congregation at North Shore Bible Church and we are getting to know them one story at a time.

By Norm Manly

Jon and Jean Horner - We're letting Jesus guide our life

It was easy for me to get lost (I often get lost) as I searched for Jon and Jean Horner’s home located at the very end of Chelan Falls, near the railroad tunnel. My GPS tried to take me to the other side of the river but getting to know them better and touring their lovely new home on the Columbia River was worth the effort!


Jon Horner was born in the Prosser Hospital on March 24, 1954 and grew up in Grandview, Washington, located about 38 miles west of Kennewick and 38 miles southeast of Yakima. Grandview’s economy is agriculture based, with apples, cherries, concord and wine grapes, hops, asparagus, corn, wheat, dairy and other fruit and vegetable production supported by processing plants and cold storage facilities. Jon has two brothers and one sister, he is the youngest.

Jon at five months

Jon at five months

Jon’s grandpa, Elmer Horner owned a gas station in Grandview for many years, he was born in Michigan in 1874. Jon’s grandmother was born in Saskatchewan, Canada and maintained dual citizenship. Jon’s dad, Glen and uncle Darrell took over the station in 1945 and in 1948 added a car dealership, Horner Pontiac, Olds and GMC.

Jon was very talented athletic focusing his energy on football setting records as running back. His dream was to attend college with an athletic scholarship, unfortunately he injured his knee his senior year that made recruiters a little gun shy.

After graduation from Grandview High School in 1972 he attended Columbia Basin College in Pasco, Washington. At the end of his first year he was offered a football scholarship at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, he accepted. Jon continued to have knee problems and missed his high school sweetheart, Jean Dunn back in Grandview, (who he would marry soon). He returned to Columbia Basin College. He also underwent successful surgery on both knees.

A major milestone in Jon’s life happened in 1974 when he was accepted at Pacific Lutheran University, located in Parkland, a suburb of Tacoma, Washington. Jon played football under legendary head coach Frosty Westering. Under Westering’s leadership from 1972–2003, Pacific Lutheran won four national titles (three NAIA titles and one NCAA Division III title). Jon played football for three years and set records including the most carries for a running back with 36 in one game. “Frosty wasn’t only a great football coach, he was a Christ follower, a mentor and a major influence in my life,” Jon said. “At that time, I wasn’t far along in my walk with the Lord but I remember Coach Westering telling me to just let Jesus on the front porch. Up until then I was pretty self-centered but because of Frosty I began to live a Jesus style life.”

Jon number 44 at PLU

Jon number 44 at PLU

Jon and Jean were married in Grandview on June 14, 1975, after Jon’s first year at PLU. They lived in Lakewood, Washington until his graduation in June 1977 with a degree in Physical Education and Math.


Jon and Jean moved back to Grandview, Jon taught math at Grandview Jr. High School then served as football coach for Grandville High. Their first son, Ira was born in 1978. In 1979 Jon was hired as football coach for Kiona Benton High School in Benton City near Richland, a position he held for two years.

Both Jon and Jean were homesick for all their friends they made during time in Lakewood and at PLU, they made a leap of faith in 1981. Both quit their jobs and move to Puyallup, Washington. Jean found work as a nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital, Jon worked as a substitute teacher and during the summer, a driver at a drywall supply company.

In 1982 Jon was hired at Spanaway High School as a math teacher and basketball and track coach. He also served as assistant coach for PLU’s football team. Their second son, Ian was born in 1983 and at the same time they found South Hill Christian Church and Pastor Berg who brought Jesus to life for both of them, immediately life got better!!

Jesus is alive.png

Another milestone for the Horner’s took place in 1985 when Jon made the tough decision to give up teaching and coaching that he loved and set out on a three-year program that allowed Jon to become a partner in Kent Gypsum Supply Company. This was also the year their third son, Jordan was born. The company purchased a second store that Jon managed and over the years the company purchased two more, for a total of four stores. Jon spent 32 years with the company and retired on January 1, 2016.

Jean Dunn was born April 24, 1954 in Rapid City, South Dakota where her dad was serving as a Staff Sargent in the United States Air Force. She has four brothers and three sisters. Her dad retired from the Air Force and moved the family to Yakima, Washington in 1958, he became a banker. The bank transferred her dad to Grandview (funny how things work out) when she was in the 8th grade. Jon and Jean began dating in high school, Jean was a cheerleader and Miss Grandview her senior year, Jon a football star.

Jean a cheerleader in 1970

Jean a cheerleader in 1970

Jean - Miss Grandview

Jean - Miss Grandview

Jean always knew she wanted to be a nurse from the time she was a little girl. During high school she participated in a Nurses Aid program, after graduation from high school she spent two years in the Nursing Program at Columbia Basin College receiving an ADN nursing degree.

 In 1973 Jean took a position at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tacoma while Jon attended PLU. Jean spent four years at St. Joseph and held many positions including emergency room, burn unit and physch ward, her favorite was working in labor and delivery.

Jean in 1974

Jean in 1974

Jon and Jean 1976

Jon and Jean 1976

The family moved back to Grandview in 1977, Jean took a position with a family practice doctor in the clinic four days a week and worked on-call in the local hospital in ICU and labor and delivery.

In 1979 Jon and Jean were introduce to the world of “Foster Care”. Jean cared for an infant for two months in the ICU at Sunnyside General, the little girl had Whooping Cough (also known as pertussis or 100-day cough). They started paperwork to foster her as the mother indicated she didn’t want the child, in the end the mother took the baby back. So, the idea had been planted and years later when the youngest of their three boys was six they learned of a little girl in foster care (Stacie) whose mom was pregnant again with soon to be James. The mother was not compliant with what the State required her to do and the Horners knew the newborn would be taken at birth.  They started the foster/adopt training and Jon and Jean were able to give respite care to Stacie one day a week for a number of months before James was born.  They brought James home from the hospital at 28 hours of age and Stacie was placed in their home seven weeks later. They were legally free at age two and three when they finalized the adoption. When I asked Jean why they went to this effort she said, “We knew we could love another child that was not our own and we felt God leading us to adopt a sibling group rather than just one child.”

All five Horner children

All five Horner children

As mentioned above, the family moved back to the westside in 1981 and Jean secured a position as a Labor and Delivery nurse at Good Samaritan Hospital in Puyallup, a position she held for 27 years, also, spending seven years, when her children were little, working with Dr. Warren Miller, a family practice doctor whose family is dear friends. This was followed by eight years at the Enumclaw Community Hospital finishing her career with four more years at St. Joseph Hospital in the Labor and Delivery department.

Jon shared with Jean he was going to retire on January 1, 2016 about two weeks before he actually retired! Jean thought about it for two minutes and decided if he could retire so could she……Jean retired on January 2, 2016!

Through Jon’s work he won a trip to Sydney, Australia in 1987

Through Jon’s work he won a trip to Sydney, Australia in 1987

I asked if they had a plan for their retirement years and they both said, “Not really but we are letting Jesus guide our life.” They purchased the property their home is located on at Chelan Falls in 2006. Jean’s sister, Jody and brother in-law, Randy Oster own the property next door. Jon and Jean build a garage with a loft in 2013 so they would have a place to stay when visiting Chelan.

On October 9, 2017 they sold their home of 37 years in Puyallup as they had begun building their current home August 2017. Of course, this was a huge change in their life, they are still adapting to the Chelan life style. There are many positives with the move, great friends, a wonderful church (North Shore Bible Church), no traffic and a much slower pace. One negative is being so far away from their five children and 11 grandchildren with two more on the way.

They both are finding ways fill their spare time. Jon just signed up to be a Volunteer Fireman in Chelan, he plays drums for the North Shore Worship team and they both made the decision to host a “Small Group” from North Shore in their home. Jean joined a quilting group and helps in the Church’s kitchen.

When I asked about future plans, number one on the list is visiting family in Puyallup, Beaverton, Oregon, Columbia, Missouri and Anchorage, Alaska. They will be taking a river cruise on the Rhine River that begins in Amsterdam and ends in Switzerland. They will share this experience with longtime friends, Dan and Sue McReynolds.

Over the years, Jon and Jean have been on several mission trips, they are looking towards the next trip in January to Haiti. Jean went on two mission trips to Chile and two to Peru through Rainier View Christian Church. Later a team from Rainier View went with other teams from all over the United States to Haiti sponsored by Missions of Love Haiti.  Jon went three years ago helping build an enclosure that would house a medical waste incinerator. Jean joined Jon on his second trip to Haiti and worked with and eye surgeon.  Jon continued to work on the medical waste incinerator project. I asked Jean why they volunteer their time on mission trips and she replied, “I have always had a desire to help and felt God’s calling, Jon went because he was asked by a friend to go and help.”

This interview took nearly three hours, a couple cups of coffee and a tasty sweet roll Jean made for us. Before the interview I only knew Jon as the drummer on our Worship team and left feeling I had made two great friends! That highlights the reason for these stories. As a church, when we take the time to know each other we find some amazing people and good friends!

By Norm Manly

Lee and Pug Cook - Geritol Gypsies

The dictionary’s description of wanderlust is a strong desire to travel or wander. You will soon see the connection.

Pug, Lee and Bart sit on their porch in Manson with hundred of thousands of miles behind them!

Pug, Lee and Bart sit on their porch in Manson with hundred of thousands of miles behind them!

Lee Cook was born in Richland Center, WI in 1938, the youngest of eight children. His dad was a dairy farmer with thirty cows on 160 acres of land. Lee grew up milking cows by hand, an art that has gone by the wayside because of automatic milking machines. Lee raised his first cow when he was only ten years old, a Holsten he entered in the Richland Center Fair and won first place, “Best Overall Cow”. Lee remembers milking his cow and selling the milk so he could purchase a trombone, not something he wanted but something his mother thought he should have, tough love! Throughout high school, Lee played that trombone and graduated from South Kitsap High in 1956.

Lee’s family moved to Port Orchard when he was 12 and his dad went to work for the Puget Sound Shipyard. Lee was happy they didn’t have anymore cows!!! But in 1954 Lee’s dad purchased ten acres in Olla, WA with hopes of making it into a dairy farm! They ended up with ten cows and sold only the cream to Dairygold in Bremerton. One not so good memory was when Lee helped his dad dig a 23-foot deep well using shovels and buckets and lots of sweat! They installed a submersible pump at the bottom and soon had all the water they needed. Lee helped his mom and dad until 1960 when they sold the farm and moved to Arizona. It was too hot for his parents in Arizona so they moved to Moses Lake, WA for their retirement years.

Much better than digging a well!

Much better than digging a well!

After graduation Lee found work as a woodworker/tool maker for The Boeing Company at their Renton plant. That led to a four-year apprenticeship at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in 1957 working as a tool and die maker. Lee remained with Puget Sound Naval Shipyard for 37 years and retired in 1995.

Marvelyn (Pug) Dodson was born in the Fine Arts Building at NW Nazarene College in Nampa, ID in 1941.Of course my first question was, “How did you get the name Pug?” She’s not sure but thinks it came from a “Campbell’s Kid Doll” called Puggy that her aunt liked. Campbell Kids were first used as part of an advertisement for the Campbell Soup Company in 1904.

Puggy the Campbell's Soup Doll

Puggy the Campbell's Soup Doll

Pug’s dad worked at a hardware store in Nampa then in 1945 he brought the family to Bremerton so he could work at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard as a tool and die maker (do you see the connection coming?). Her family were members of the Bremerton Nazarene Church and she met Lee when she was only nine years old at a youth group.

Pug remembers going to a skating party, through the church, in her junior year of high school. Lee was there and he ended up taking her home in his 1955 Chevy, 2-door hardtop that Pug loved, soon they were going steady. Pug said, “Lee was cute, had a cool car and ALL the girls liked him! He has a kind heart and is lots of fun.” Lee remembers Pug as a very friendly person, loving, cute, petite and a Christian. He also knew she was the right person, someone he didn’t want to lose. Later Lee used that 1955 Chevy to propose to Pug and he gave her a ring while she was in the passenger’s seat! They were married May 28, 1960, 58 years ago!!!


In 1957 Lee started playing fast pitch baseball for his church. He was one heck of a pitcher and if you don’t believe me he has several news articles to prove it!! He then pitched for the Interlude Tavern in 1960 in Bremerton’s City League. His team won the league title. They won several tournaments and went to nationals. Lee played ball until he was 50 years old!


Lee and Pugs wanderlust falls into two time periods, before retirement and after retirement. Their travels started under the “Work and Witness” program through the Nazarene Church. The mission of the Church of the Nazarene is to make Christlike disciples in the nations, Lee and Pug’s first trip was to Portugal in October 1983 where they helped remodel a basement of a warehouse converting it into a church. They were required to raise all funding for the mission trips. Most of the mission trip were two weeks in length with Lee helping with construction and maintenance and Pug helping with financial accounts.

Just one of hundreds of projects Lee has taken on over the years.

Just one of hundreds of projects Lee has taken on over the years.

After Lee retired the trips went from two weeks to two and three-month trips! Lee located missionaries that needed help, through the Nazarene Church and then volunteered. His talents in construction and maintenance were in high demand.

In October 1993 they were off to Romania for a house remodel then returned in 1995 for three months where they converted a laboratory into a Christian school and chapel. 1996 was a busy year with trips to Mozambique, a southern African nation, for four weeks and then to Romania again.

Pug and Lee with one of the workers in Mozambique

Pug and Lee with one of the workers in Mozambique

In December 1998 Lee returned to Kenya and helped install security in a district office. They hit the road again in February 1999 with projects in Jordan and Israel. This was a two-week trip that turned into six weeks. They both returned to Israel for three months in June 1999 where Pug was busy auditing books and Lee helped remodel an apartment in the old city. They returned to Israel in September 2000 for a three-month trip but fighting broke out and they cut the trip short by a month.

From September 2002 to November 2002 they worked on projects in North Ireland where Lee helped paint an old cathedral and Pug set up books for a new church office!


I asked Pug what got them started traveling and she said, “It was while on vacation at Wapato Point in 1982, we attended a Sunday service at North Shore Bible Church. I remember Pastor Craig talking about “what is your passion. After church we talked about the challenge and decided we wanted to reach out for the Lord cross culturally.”

In 1997 Lee and Pug sold their home of 40 years, in Bremerton, WA and purchased a 40-foot motorhome and hit the road for 15 years! They joined SOWER (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready) and their first project was building Sower’s Hall at North Shore Bible Church working with Rich Moore and Del Rinehart. Pug joined Lee on these trips when possible, she was still working as an accountant for a group of medical doctors in Bremerton and after her retirement in 1998 she joined Lee fulltime. Together they have worked on 26 SOWER projects across the United States!


Lee and Pug started making vacation trips to Mexico in 1995 staying at Cabo most of the time. In 2008 they volunteered at the Vineyard Church in Mazatlán helping with several projects for seven years. They leased a trailer site in Mazatlán in 2010, it’s currently their winter home. On a trip south to Mazatlán in 2014 their RV was broadsided by a semi-truck and trailer 500 miles north of Mazatlán. The motorhome was totally destroyed but God was on their side, no injuries and they continued their trip south in their tow vehicle. God was with them again when they found a “park model” in Bullhead City, AZ and a friend drove from Mexico to Arizona towing it to their property in Mazatlán.


Lee and Pug now fly to Mazatlán November 1, staying until April 1. They have everything they need including a car. Lee continues to help at the Amistad Church in Mazatlán. They both enjoy getting out of the cold Chelan Valley in the winter, they love the people and the ministry in the area.

They purchase their home in Manson in 2013. Lee said, “It’s a 1920 Sears Craftsman kit home. It needed work and over the past five years I’ve remodeled just about everything!” Sears Catalog Homes (sold under the Sears Modern Homes name) were catalog and kit houses sold primarily through mail order by Sears, Roebuck and Company. Sears reported that more than 70,000 of these homes were sold in North America between 1908 and 1940. More than 370 different home designs in a wide range of architectural styles and sizes were offered over the program's 33-year history.

After all their travel I asked why they chose Manson for their home. They love the small community, no stop lights and North Shore Bible Church. Actually, North Shore Bible Church is number one! They have traveled in all 50 states and currently own a 27-foot Class “C” motorhome and have plans to drive to Alaska next year.

The Cook's boys from left Rob, Scot, Rick and Brad

The Cook's boys from left Rob, Scot, Rick and Brad

The Cooks have four boys, nine grandchildren and three great grandchildren, all living in Western Washington. Their traveling days are far from over, Pug laments that she would rather live in a motorhome than a stick build home. That tells it all!

By Norm Manly

Jeff and Karen Stoelk, a Love Story

Jeff and Karen met when they were both twelve years old, at church and dated through high school. After graduation Jeff wanted to marry Karen, her goal was to attend college. They kept in touch her first year of college then drifted apart. Forty-two years later their paths crossed again and Jeff asked Karen out for dinner and on October 13, 2012 they were married in Portland, OR. Now here’s the rest of the story!


Jeff was born in an elevator, he just couldn’t wait, in Manning, IA on June 25, 1952. His dad worked for the railroad and the company transferred him to Portland when Jeff was twelve. Jeff’s dad was his childhood hero. Three years later his dad passed away, Jeff became the main support for his mother, two brothers and a sister working three jobs to help the family survive. Jeff graduated from Milwaukie High School in South Portland in 1970.


Jeff attended Southern Oregon College in Ashland, OR completing a four-year degree in just three years. He didn’t have much money or a college scholarship so at the beginning of each month he would pay for the next month’s tuition. He lived in a tent his first year and rode a bike to work and college classes. The school hired him as a Dorm Resident Assistant (he was responsible for one floor of students), which gave him a free room. The next year Jeff was promoted to Head Resident (responsible for all students in the building), which awarded him more perks. He graduated debt free, receiving two degrees, Criminology and Sociology.

Jeff joined the Oregon State Police Department as a trooper in 1974. He married in 1979 and was blessed with two daughters, the marriage lasted twenty years. Jeff ended his career as a trooper after twelve years of service and opened his own business working with the logging industry where he provided safety and security for various large companies. The Spotted Owl became an environmental issue, which killed many jobs in the logging industry, and Jeff’s business.  Jeff’s friend, an orthopedic doctor, advised him to look into the pharmaceutical industry for work.


A side note regarding Jeff’s service as a police officer that highlights his true character. In December 1976 a family was heading to their home in Northern California, going over the Siskiyou Mountains when a drunk driver, going the wrong way on the freeway hit the family car head on, killing half the family. The drunk driver survived and Jeff found out this individual had 30 DUI’s over the previous five years! To this day when Jeff tells this story he gets very emotional. He was instructed, by his superior to visit the drunk driver in the hospital and complete the paperwork for another DUI, Jeff refused. Jeff wanted to charge the man with vehicular manslaughter, but the bureaucracy of the department and the sentencings for DUI’s were quite different from today. Jeff took his case to the Oregon State Attorney General who eventually sided with his position and the drunk driver went to jail for 20 years, charged with vehicular manslaughter. Because of Jeff’s efforts, many of the DUI laws in Oregon were changed and the DUI threshold went from .15 to .1 and currently is .08.


Now back to our story. Jeff was hired by G.D. Searle a pharmaceutical company.  He relocated to Las Vegas and began a thirty-year career.  Prior to its 1985 merger with Monsanto, Searle was a company focusing on life sciences, specifically pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and animal health. Searle is most notable for having developed the first birth control pill, and Ambien, a sleeping aid and the artificial sweetener NutraSweet. Jeff was a Sales Representative covering four states, Nevada, Utah, California and Arizona. With his focus on military and the Veterans Administration, he transferred to Phoenix, AZ. In 2003 the company offered a buy out for several employees and Jeff jumped at the opportunity.

Jeff was next offered a position with Cubist, a start up company with 70 employees worldwide. Cubist Pharmaceuticals was a U.S. biopharmaceutical company with activities spanning from research and development to commercialization of pharmaceutical products. Its main products target pathogens like MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) infection that is caused by a type of staph bacteria that has become resistant to many of the antibiotics used to treat ordinary staph infections. In December 2014 Cubist was purchased by Merck, Jeff’s territory included Phoenix, San Diego, Hawaii and Guam. He retired in 2015.

Karen Krafve was born in Portland, OR on August 26, 1952 but not in an elevator!! She is the oldest in the family with two brothers and one sister. Her dad worked for an electronic manufacturing company his entire career; her mother was a stay at home mom. She took part in the Portland Rose Festival her senior year and was a contender for princess. Karen graduated from Cleveland High School in Portland in 1970 and then continued her education at Oregon State University where she graduated with a pharmacy degree in 1975. “Even though I was good at math and science, this was more than a challenging major for me, I had fifteen terms of chemistry! I was so relieved when I passed the Oregon Pharmacy Board exam in 1975,” Karen said.


In 1983 Karen married and had three sons and one daughter. In 1994 her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor and passed away in 1995. At that time her children ranged in age from six to ten; this was a very difficult time for Karen. She belonged to a caring Christian church and had many great friends who helped her through this difficult time. Fortunately, financially she was in good enough shape to stay home with the kids while they grew up.

All Karen’s children - Mike, Jerry, Karen, Scotty, Cheryl, Jeff.  Picture taken 2015 during Princess Alaskan cruise which began in Anchorage and ended in Vancouver BC.

All Karen’s children - Mike, Jerry, Karen, Scotty, Cheryl, Jeff.  Picture taken 2015 during Princess Alaskan cruise which began in Anchorage and ended in Vancouver BC.

Karen remembers very well receiving a letter from Jeff, out of the blue! Jeff had located Karen’s brother and wrote him a letter asking about Karen. Since Karen’s brother was a detective I’m sure he checked Jeff out thoroughly before providing the information requested. Karen was interested in seeing Jeff but she was on vacation in Peru with girlfriends. When she returned they connected and Jeff asked her out for dinner on November 3rd, 2011. Karen remembers getting lost on the way to the restaurant and that Jeff was a good kisser back in the day! They fell in love again!

Jeff and Karen's wedding day October 13, 2012

Jeff and Karen's wedding day October 13, 2012

Jeff and Karen made their first trip to Chelan in 2013. Jeff was attending a convention at Campbell’s Resort so Karen jumped on her bike and rode down the south shore of Lake Chelan.  She fell in love with the area. Back from the ride she told Jeff they needed to consider the Chelan area for their home. Each had their own home and they placed them on the market. They looked at a lot on the south shore but that wasn’t God’s plan for them. In December 2013 they found the perfect spot, a property they admired before it went on the market, a two-acre building site on Loop Avenue. They designed the home together and Jeff took on duties as contractor starting with his shop. Unfortunately, part way through the build Jeff broke five ribs. They lived in their 5th wheel on the property during the building process. Finally, they moved into their beautiful home on November 20, 2017.  Karen says, “It’s still a work in progress.”

An amazing view uplake from their home.

An amazing view uplake from their home.

Even though busy with the build, Jeff and Karen decided to join Craig and Chris Rayment and a group from North Shore on a trip to Israel in April 2018. “It was an amazing trip and the Bible came alive for us! We walked where Jesus walked and were baptized in the Jordan River by Pastor Rayment,” Jeff said. He is looking forward to more spare time and their next adventure.

Pastor getting ready to dip Jeff in Jordan River

Pastor getting ready to dip Jeff in Jordan River

Karen loves riding her bike and Manson is a perfect riding area. She’s been an avid bike rider for fifteen years and has tackled “Cycle Oregon” a week-long 500-mile bike ride several times. She tries to ride 40 miles a week and is looking for a biking partner. Karen also fills in from time to time at Lake Chelan Pharmacy.

Karen is looking for a biking partner

Karen is looking for a biking partner

They both love the Chelan Valley because of the seclusion from the big population areas, its beauty and wonderful caring people. They’ve attended North Shore Bible Church since 2014, shortly after the start of building their new home. They both said they love the people, the fact the church is Bible based and Pastor Craig’s sermons are amazing! Jeff and Karen volunteer as Ushers and Greeters, a very important ministry at North Shore and also help out at the Connection Café.

Together Jeff and Karen have seven children, a God daughter and five grandchildren. LaTangella’s (Jeff's God daughter) mom watched Jeff’s daughters when he traveled while living in Las Vegas.  She died suddenly, while pregnant with number ten.  She left behind her children and a husband (a Baptist preacher who was unable to help the children). Jeff paid for the funeral and burial and then began taking care of the children and getting them ready for school.  This continued until most of them had moved on, but to this day LaTangella calls Jeff, and introduces him as her dad.  My daughters consider her their sister.

Jeff, Ashley (daughter), LaTangella (God-daughter), Lyndsay (daughter).

Jeff, Ashley (daughter), LaTangella (God-daughter), Lyndsay (daughter).

If you’ve not met Jeff and Karen be sure to introduce yourself the next time you see them in church.

By Norm Manly

DeLongs, Under the Radar

People volunteer for many reasons, for some it offers the chance to give something back to the community or make a difference to the people around them. For others it provides an opportunity to develop new skills or build on existing experience and knowledge. Regardless of the motivation, what unites them all is finding the experience both challenging and rewarding. For Mel and Sue DeLong volunteering means serving the Lord, quietly!


Mel DeLong was born December 7, 1938 in Seattle. His dad worked for The Boeing Company but didn’t enjoy the big city, big company life style so he moved the family to La Grande, OR where he bought and operated a “Flying A” service station for five years. It was five years of struggling with employee problems, marginal profits and a 24/7 business. The family then moved back to West Seattle and Mel’s dad returned to Boeing to finish out his career.

Mel graduated from West Seattle High School in 1956, joined the Air Force and assigned to the Strategic Air Command (SAC) working as a Multi Engine Jet Mechanic. He served four years of active duty followed by four years in the Individual Ready Reserve.

Mel fresh out of high school, a member of the United States Air Force

Mel fresh out of high school, a member of the United States Air Force

Mel married while on active duty and after his discharge from the Air Force they moved to the Seattle area. Unfortunately, this marriage only lasted five years. When he arrived in Seattle he worked at a couple service stations before securing a position at The Boeing Company in 1961. At Boeing he was classified as a “B” Mechanic assigned to the KC-135 project. Next, he was transferred to the Boeing 733 Supersonic Transport (SST) project that later changed its name to the Boeing 2707, working as a “Research Electrician”.

The Boeing 2707 was the first American supersonic transport (SST). Boeing won a competition for a government-funded contract to build an American SST, Boeing began development at its facilities in Seattle, WA. The design emerged a large aircraft with seating for 250 to 300 passengers and cruising speeds of approximately Mach 3 (about 2,200 MPH). It was intended to be much larger and faster than preceding SST designs such as Concorde. A key design feature of the 2707 was its use of a swing wing configuration. During development the required weight and size of this mechanism continued to grow, forcing the team to start over using a conventional delta wing. Rising costs and the lack of a clear market led to its cancellation in 1971, before two prototypes had been completed, that ended Mel’s career at The Boeing Company.

Boeing 2707.jpg

Mel next worked for Air Reduction Company, an industrial gas plant in Seattle for a year. That job led to a cryogenics company in Vancouver, WA where they made liquid Oxygen, Nitrogen and Argon. Mel began his 17-year career as a Cryogenic Technologist and ended as the Assistant Plant Manager in charge of 80 employees! As you can imagine this was a very stressful job and Mel ask the Lord for help finding a less intense position, his prayers were answered in just two weeks. Because of his network in the liquefied gas business he was hired by Vancouver Welding Supply where he worked 20 years as a Specialty Gas Product Manager, selling exotic gasses. Mel retired in 2005.


Sue grew up in Portland, OR and graduated from Tillamook High School. Her mother owned a flower shop where Sue learned how to make beautiful corsages. While working at the flower shop and raising a family, Sue made thousands of corsages and bows for 20 years.

During the last ten years of his career Mel would have lunch several days a week, at the Burgerville restaurant in Vancouver where Sue Homsley had worked since 1993, and they would talk. The talk led to more talk and finally on November 7, 2007 they were married at the Little White Chapel in Las Vegas, minus Elvis!

Mel and Sue but that's not Elvis!!!

Mel and Sue but that's not Elvis!!!

Sue - “Mel came into my life when I really need a friend, he is a real gentleman and a great listener. I was a widow and really appreciated all the things he did to help me. In time we realized what we had in each other.”  Mel - “Sue is a wonderful person with a big heart, beautiful on the inside. Sue truly cares for people and is always helping others, she’s an amazing person.”

Sick and tired of rain and gray sky Mel and Sue made the decision to move East. They had spent time with friends in Chelan and they really liked it here. January 2008, they purchased the perfect home in Chelan Falls, overlooking the mighty Columbia River and have lived there ever since. Sue loves gardening and you can tell it by their beautiful yard filled with many plants and flowers.

The DeLong's home at Chelan Falls is a beauty thanks to Sue's hard work.

The DeLong's home at Chelan Falls is a beauty thanks to Sue's hard work.

“Betty Decker invited us to North Shore Bible Church in 2008. I came from a very legalistic church so I had to adjust to “our church”. We appreciate the effort Pastor Craig puts into his sermons. Jesus is the focal point, the way it should be. We have met some very neat people, God has really blessed us,” Sue went on.

Riding fast motorcycles was always Mel’s passion. He has owned several amazing bikes; his favorite was a 1300cc BMW that redlined at 186 MPH!


Unfortunately, in 1999 Mel crashed his Suzuki TL1000R, 40 miles west of Modesto, CA while traveling over 100 MPH. This landed him in the hospital for several days with many broken bones and other assorted injuries.


This didn’t end his motorcycle career, he downsized a bit, purchasing a 1000cc Spyder (three wheels) that he rode for thousands and thousands of miles with Sue right behind him.


Mel suffers from Osteoarthritis, also known as "wear and tear" arthritis. Over time bones rub together, causing intense pain. The 29 bones of your hands and wrists come together to form many small joints that can be affected by Osteoarthritis. For this reason, Mel’s career of riding motorcycles has come to an end.

Both Sue and Mel have volunteer hearts. Sue helps Chris Rayment with all funerals held and North Shore Bible Church, helping with the food and setting up buffets. Sue works at the Chelan Food Bank three mornings a week and Habitat for Humanity four hours a week. She belongs to the Sunrise Women’s Bible study on Thursday mornings at North Shore. Mel and Sue are part of the Ushers and Greeters team, an important function at our Church. Sue belongs to the Women’s Auxiliary at the Chelan Fire Department so both Mel and Sue volunteer for the Chelan Fire Department’s yearly Pancake Breakfast. Sue also helps out at Earth Day and in December the Manger Mall.

Mel spent six years serving as a volunteer fireman for the Chelan Fire Department, working the Chelan Falls station. In 2017 Mel was chosen by Washington State Fire Fighters Association as Volunteer Support Person of the Year.

Volunteer Support Person of the Year

Volunteer Support Person of the Year

For many years Mel has helped with maintenance at North Shore Bible Church, working every Thursday. “There is always something that needs my attention,” Mel said. He works with electrical, plumbing and building repairs. “Mel is a real gem, a God sent to our church, always willing to help and I look forward to seeing Mel’s smiling face every Thursday,” said Chris Rayment. Because of his Osteoarthritis Mel will be stepping down soon as the maintenance work causes even more pain.

Mel's office at North Shore Bible Church

Mel's office at North Shore Bible Church

The fun part about writing these stories is learning neat things people do! Sue enjoys being a “pen pal” and currently corresponds with 70 people, mainly in the United States. All letters are handwritten! She also likes collecting coasters and napkins from places all over the world.

Together Mel and Sue have five children, nine grandchildren and five great grandchildren. Next time you see Mel and Sue tell them thank you for all they do for North Shore Bible Church and our community.

By Norm Manly

Pittman’s Part of Manson’s History

Lowell Pittman’s family settled in Manson, Washington in 1922 from Wenatchee and Arita’s family came from Minnesota arriving Manson in 1904. Both Lowell and Arita were born in the Chelan Valley and graduated from Manson High School. Lowell has 12 brothers and sisters, Arita Faubion has one brother. As the story goes they fell in love and were married on August 21, 1954, Lowell was 23 and Arita was 19.


Lowell became an orchardist in 1968.  Partnering with his brother Harold, they got their first orchard, about 17 acres or reds and goldens in Manson.  They called the operation Pittman Brothers Orchards, which existed until 1996 at which time the business was divided, and the operation became know as Pittman Family Orchards.

Lowell and Arita were blessed with four children, Lisa, Craig, Brett and the baby Todd. Besides being a mom, Arita helped in the orchard and for 19 years worked for Manson Growers and Trout during harvest. Unfortunately, Lowell passed away in 2012 after a battle with cancer; he was 81.


Arita began attending North Shore Bible Church in 1988. “North Shore is a wonderful church and I very much enjoy being a member. I really respect Pastor Rayment, he gives inciteful sermons, always holding Jesus as number one”, Arita said.

Todd Pittman was born at Lake Chelan Community Hospital on November 14, 1961. Growing up he helped his dad in the orchard. After graduating from high school, he attended Central Washington University for a year then transferred to Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) in Idaho graduating with a degree in business. While attending NNU he met Rosanna and fell in love.

Rosanna Schaad was born in Salem, Oregon and graduated from McNary High School. She was a Christian Education major at NNU and became a youth pastor after graduating.

Todd and Rosanna were married December 1985 in Pasadena, California. They spent their honeymoon driving from Southern California to the Seattle area…in two separate cars.  They lived in the Seattle area for 11 years and were blessed with three children, Whitney, Jordan, and Travis.


During this time Todd was employed at the Boeing Company working as a Programmer/Analyst and Rosanna was a Youth Pastor for a local Nazarene Church. They moved back to Manson in 1997 where Todd helped his dad and his brother Bret in the orchard business until 2001. At that time the business was struggling and could not support three families, so Todd decided to change careers. Todd was part of North Shore Bible Church’s Worship team at the time and a fellow member informed him of a job at North Cascades Bank. He applied and was hired as Assistant IT Manager and eventually IT Manager - a position he held for 13 years. When the bank merged with Glacier Bank in 2013 he was given the option to take a job in Montana (Glacier Bank headquarters) or find a new job. In 2014 he took a position with Wilbur-Ellis Company as a Field Tech Specialist, making use of his agriculture and technology background.


Meanwhile Rosanna was fortunate to be a stay at home mom for the children’s early years. During that time, she received her Masters in Education and has spent her working career in the Manson School District. For the past few years she has been teaching third grad

Son Jordon graduated with a degree in Economics from Whitworth University. He lives in Spokane and is Project Lead at Stay Alfred Vacation Rentals. Travis is now married (June 2016), he and his wife both attend Washington State University.

Whitney graduated from Manson High School in 2008 and was very involved in 4-H. Growing up her life revolved around horses and she took part in many horse shows. She competed in Wenatchee and shows on the westside of the mountains. Her love of horses culminated by becoming a two-time world champion in the “Pinto World Horse Show” in Oklahoma in 2010.

Whitney and horse.jpg

Whitney then shifted gears and attended Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, earning a degree in Communications. After graduation she moved to Hawaii and worked with “Youth With A Mission”, a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, dedicated to serving Jesus throughout the world. She was there for two years.

She came back to Manson in 2015 and immediately broke her pelvis riding a horse. “This was a turning point in my life as I laid in bed for three months. I looked to God for direction in my life”, Whitney said. “In 2016 I was invited to do and internship at North Shore Bible Church working with Efren. I learned so much and in March 2017 the church hired me as Secretary, Worship Assistant and working with youth, God answered my prayers”, Whitney went on.


Whitney future plans are in God’s hands. She is continually learning how to serve our Lord. “I know it will always include Worship but what else, who knows. I really want to share my life experiences with other and communicate the importance of following God’s will, not the will of our world. I hope to write a book and record albums that will help other people that are struggling in this sinful world. I know God is preparing me for something, just not sure what”, Whitney concluded.


North Shore Bible Church is blessed to have the Pittman family part of our congregation and Whitney on staff.

By Norm Manly

Dean Madden Story

I recently enjoyed a cup of coffee with Sue Madden at her home high atop Boyd Road, with an amazing view of Lake Chelan, we reminisced about her husband Dean who passed away May 19 at the age of 83.


Sue and Dean were married at Green Lake in Seattle on November 18, 1967, they were married for 50 years! They met while Sue was working for a bank and Dean, a NCR (National Cash Register) employee was servicing banking equipment. “I liked Dean immediately and asked my boss to introduce me. We went on our first date a few days later”, Sue said.

Dean spent twenty years working for NCR and the remainder of his career in the financial electronics industry. Sue spent 32-years in the banking industry, retiring in 2007. They lived in Auburn, Washington and have three children, five grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

They started visiting the Chelan Valley in the mid-90’s and fell in love with the area. In 2002 they bought their lot just off Boyd Road, started building in 2005 and completed their home in 2006.


Dean was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2010 and later Dementia. Sue was his fulltime caregiver with his last three years very difficult, taking all her energy. Sue is a very strong woman and I give her praise for her dedication to Dean.

Sue plans to remain in the Chelan Valley but will downsize, which will make her life simpler. She keeps busy as a board member on the Chelan Senior Center and enjoys her time with the Manson Kiwanis Club. She likes joining friends at Mill Bay Casino for Senior Wednesdays free breakfast! Sue has been a member of North Shore Bible Church since 2008. Sue said, “I really enjoy our church. Craig provides amazing sermons and people are so friendly. Dean enjoyed attending Men’s Night at North Shore and it was good for him especially during the last part of his life.” I let Sue know that her church is there for her if she needs anything.

Their daughter wrote up the following for Dean’s “Celebration of Life” that will take place on Sunday – June 17 at a private home located at 10329 SE 304th Pl, Auburn, Washington starting at 2:00. If you are in the area please join us. Call 206-498-6823 for driving instructions.

Van “Dean” Madden 1934 – 2018

Dad, husband, boater, gardener, electronics technician and wild mushroom picker extraordinaire!

Van “Dean” Madden died peacefully in his home on Saturday, May 19, 2018 due to complications with Parkinson’s disease and Dementia. He was 83 years old.

Dean was born in Tacoma, Washington on November 29, 1934 to his parents Van and Leos Madden of Buckley, Washington. He graduated from White River High School in 1952, and after attending Wassu, became a Cougar fan for life! He was also a great father, grandfather and avid gardener who enjoyed years of boating in the San Juan Islands and the inside passages of British Columbia.

Dean retired from a career in financial electronics in 2004 and moved to the Lake Chelan area where he and his son built a house together.

Dean is survived by Susan Madden, his wife of 50 years; son, Gene Madden and his wife Joni Butz; daughter, Juleane Franzen and her husband Scott; brother, Allan Madden; sister, Merle Carlson; five grandchildren and two great grandchildren. He was preceded in death by his father, mother and daughter, Kim Madden

By Norm Manly

Men’s Night, Change of Watch

Men’s Night at North Shore Bible Church started June of 2013. The idea behind Men’s Night was to bring the men of North Shore together for a time of fellowship, food and fun in a non-Bible study format. A Men’s group is one of the most difficult ministries to get started and keep going in a church as men don’t need any help and we can get along just fine by ourselves, thank you!


The basic structure of Men’s Night starts with a dinner prepared by a couple of the men. This is followed by circling chairs and talking about things the group can do to help others in our church and community. The night finishes off with discussion questions requiring more than a yes or no answer. As we get to know and trust each other, many of the discussion questions open secrets locked inside, some good and some not so good, a very healing process.

Three years ago, Tom Anglin took the helm of Men’s Night at North Shore. We thank him for his efforts and accomplishments helping folks in our church. Tom has enjoyed his time leading the group but he is stretched thin as he serves as an Elder at North Shore, volunteers helping his wife, Karen, serving as Kitchen Coordinator, co-chair of the Chelan Rotary’s Cycle De Vine event and now serves as President of Lake Chelan Health and Wellness Foundation. Tom has a volunteer’s heart and we thank him!

At our May 10th Men’s Night, Tom announced that he was stepping down and asked for a volunteer to take over the duties of Men’s Night. Jerry Smith put up his hand (think he wanted to go to the bathroom) and we all agreed he would be a great choice. Jerry accepted and now leads Men’s Night. Thank you Jerry!!

Tom Anglin and Jerry

Tom Anglin and Jerry


Jerry grew up on his parent’s wheat farm in Dayton, Washington, near Walla Walla. They had 660 acres in wheat, barley and peas along with hay for livestock, Jerry learned at an early age the meaning of hard work! He also learned somewhere along the line he did not want to be a farmer for the rest of his life! Jerry has three younger sisters, all brought up in a Christian home with a very happy and rural childhood.

After graduation from high school, he attended the University of Idaho where he graduated with a B.S. Degree in Education, Math/French. He then moved to Washtucna, Washington, just south of Ritzville, and took a job as a teacher for junior and senior high students, educating them in math, science and French. He married at this time and was blessed with two daughters and a son. Unfortunately, this marriage only lasted ten years. He now has two grandsons.

Jerry moved back to Dayton and taught at Dayton Junior and Senior High School while helping his dad on the farm for several years. Meanwhile, he earned his Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling at the University of Idaho.  Later, he moved to Colton, Washington serving as K-12 Guidance Director and part-time teacher for the Colton School District.

About this time, Jerry’s dad was in failing health, so he moved back to Dayton to help his dad on the farm while beginning his career in Real Estate. Jerry’s dad passed away in 1983, and Jerry began juggling his time between farming, being a realtor and enjoying family times, motorcycling, music, fishing and his Blue Mountain cabin. About 20 years later, the farm was sold by consensus with his three sisters. Around this time, Jerry found his real passion in life, becoming certified as a Mediator Practitioner, a new way to help others. Mediation is part-time work he still enjoys to this day.

A great financial break came when Jerry was hired as the head Real Estate Broker for a 160-lot subdivision in Pasco, Washington, taking nearly three years to sell all the newly constructed homes. That opportunity opened the door for many years of real estate success in the Tri-Cities.

In 2004 he married the love of his life, Kristi, whom he knew from his earlier Dayton days, acquiring a step daughter and two grand-daughters. They spent their honeymoon on Maui and lived in West Richland, Washington. They began visiting Manson in 2010, usually staying at Wapato Point. They both fell in love with our community and had numerous discussions about moving here. “During that time, we would attend North Shore Bible Church in Manson whenever possible. Looking back on our decision to move to Manson, our love of the church was the final plus that pushed us over the top”, Jerry said. In 2015, they purchased a lot in “The Village at Lake Chelan”.  Then in 2016, they had their new home built.

Jerry is now part-time retired, part-time working as a realtor with Frontline Real Estate and part-time working as a freelance Mediator. Jerry and Kristi enjoy traveling to the Oregon Coast, Canada, Arizona and have taken several cruises to Alaska. At least once a year they visit Kristi’s daughter and two grand-daughters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jerry started coming to Men’s Night in the fall of 2016. “It’s a warm and friendly environment and a great opportunity to learn more about the men of our church”, Jerry stated. As a group we’ve decided to meet once a month (2nd Thursday) at the church during the summer months and will continue to seek out other venues where we can enjoy each other’s company. June 14 is our next scheduled Men’s Night at North Shore starting at 5:30 and we plan to attend an Applesox baseball game on June 21 in Wenatchee.

You do not need to be a member of North Shore to take part in the Men’s Ministry activities. We encourage you to invite family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

By Norm Manly


My good friend John Swenson pointed out that I had left a key person out of the “Connection Café Team" article and he is absolutely correct!

Charles Corulli was North Shores original barista and if you know Charles, you know he likes to do things right! He put in many hours working bugs out (some self-inflicted) of our latte machine. He also trained other baristas so when he started volunteering with the audio/visual team his lattes would always would be available.

Charles Corulli barista extraordinaire! 

Charles Corulli barista extraordinaire! 

Charles spent 25 years working as a computer programmer and a semi-conductor engineer. Both professions took him away from Manson but when he retired seven years ago he return to Manson and NSBC.

We thank Charles for all he does at North Shore Bible Church – Bravo Zulu!

By Norm Manly

Your Connection Cafe Team and More

Long before you shave or put on your makeup for church the Connection Café team is busy making cookies, coffee and preparing for your arrival. This is one of those unsung jobs that unless you need your morning coffee or love your chocolate chip cookies this ministry goes unnoticed. I like to refer to these devoted individuals as our Hospitality Ministry.


The English dictionary defines hospitality as "the friendly treatment of guests or strangers; an act or show of welcome." That's not too far from how the New Testament Greek word (philo-xenia) breaks down—love of strangers. Coffee, cookies and treats invite strangers to stay. A snack communicates to newcomers, "You are welcome here!"

Sunday morning team Tom, Jeanne, Karen, Beth, Max and Julie

Sunday morning team Tom, Jeanne, Karen, Beth, Max and Julie

Karen Anglin, our Kitchen Coordinator and Julie Porter Barista Team Leader makes it all look easy. Karen and her team arrive at 8:00 and start baking nine dozen cookies, my favorite is the sugar cookies! Coffee and cookie team members include:

Tom and Karen Anglin
Rich and Maxine Moore
Deane Peebles
Kate and Jim Jensen
Mike and Mary Miller
Al and Carol Zalewski
Marlene and Rich Larsen
Steve and Trudy Maloof
Kathy and Jerry Jackson


Julie’s team includes baristas Max Averett, Beth Averett and Jeanne Giddings. It takes a little time learning all the possible combinations of coffee treats that are available. It’s not rocket science and Julie says she can teach to you the art of being a “barista” in a short time so if you are looking for a volunteer opportunity at North Shore this might be for you?


Pastor Rayment understands the importance of hospitality at North Shore and encourages all event coordinators to include food when possible. After Sunday morning service the congregation is invited to stay and enjoy coffee, treats and fellowship, this is a great time to get to know each other. Saturday night Karen Anglin makes 60 to 80 special treats at her home and brings them for Sunday morning – thank you Karen! Cheese, crackers and fruit are also part of the meal.

Special Halloween treats made by Karen Anglin

Special Halloween treats made by Karen Anglin

Sue and I spend our winters in Arizona and while there we attend several different churches. I can say beyond a doubt churches offering coffee and treats just feel more inviting. Our Hospitality Ministry is not limited to food and drink. Our greeters, ushers and connection desk volunteers make our visitors feel welcomed with a handshake and smile. Every member of the North Shore congregation is part of our Hospitality Ministry. We each can make our Church a “Special” place to be on a Sunday morning. Take the initiative and introduce yourself to someone you’ve not met before and with a big smile say, “We sure are glad you are here today!”

We thank all the volunteers that make North Shore Bible Church “A Caring Place in a Hurting World.”

By Norm Manly

Jack and Barbara Stevens

Jack and Barbara Stevens - It's Been A Great Life!

Shortly after sitting down at Jack and Barbara Stevens’ kitchen table and starting my interview Jack said, “Norm we’ve had such an amazing life and we are so very thankful.” By the end of the interview I agreed 100 percent!

Barbara and Jack Stevens at their home in Manson

Barbara and Jack Stevens at their home in Manson

Queen Barbara.jpg

Barbara Peterson, a Manson girl was born at her grandparent’s home in Chelan on March 10 1928. The Peterson’s have been in Manson since 1921 and her grandfather started the Chelan Telephone Company and her mother Dorothy Peterson played piano during silent movies in the Ruby Theater. Barbara grew up in Manson and currently lives on the same property her father Art Peterson farmed for many years. She remembers her father fondly and was amazed at all he accomplished in his life with only an eighth grade education. Barbara received her education in the Manson School District and graduated in 1946 as Class Valedictorian, Apple Blossom Queen and Lake Chelan Rodeo Queen. After high school she attended Washington State University and graduated with a degree in Hotel Administration.

Jack was born and raised in the Seattle area and graduated from Lincoln High School in 1945. Jack enlisted in the Army Aircorps on March 18, 1944 before he was 18 years old, he signed up before graduation. He was sent to Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi for their Flight Training School. Unfortunately for Jack the war was winding down, which meant the need for pilots decreased, the class was canceled. Jack dreamed of flying and in 1947 he earned his Private Pilot’s license on his own.

Life change for Jack and Barbara on the 4th of July 1949 when Jack was invited to a barbecue at Al Peterson’s home, of course Barbara was there. It didn’t take very long to figure out they REALLY liked each other.


 They spent the next three days getting to know each other and on June 17, 1950 they were married at the Methodist Church in Manson. They moved into their current home and Jack went to work for Barbara’s dad for the next several years.

Art Peterson’s dream was to build a golf course at Stehekin. As you can imagine this was a huge undertaking that started with installing a hydroelectric plant. Jack said, “We spent eight summers and two winters in Stehekin helping Art. The years we didn’t stay in Stehekin during the winter I worked for Boeings in Quality Control. Unfortunately the golf course was not to be.” Jack later lobbied to develop the North Cascades National Park through the North Cascades Conservation Council, an organization he co-founded. Through that process Jack met with Senator Henry (Scoop) Jackson who helped make it happen.


Jack and Barbara packed up their family that included three daughters and a son and moved to Bellevue, Washington in 1962. Jack worked for the Boeing Company, became involved in real estate and then opened Steven’s Associates Construction.

During this time Barbara went back to school and secured her teaching degree and taught grades three through five at A.G. Bell Elementary School in Kirkland for 18 years.

Left from Top: Debbie, Craig, Kerry, Barbara, Stacy and Jack

Back in 1971, Seattle was heavily dependent on Boeing for jobs, and the company had cut more than 60,000 of them. Unemployment was at 13 percent, more than double the national average. The famous sign, “Will the last person leaving Seattle…..turn out the lights” gained national attention. For most people in the area this was a negative time but for Jack and his company it was a huge opportunity. Jack says, “The banks were holding the paper on many homes that builders walked away from and my company was able to finish over 225 homes and help sell them.” Jack was a hero in the banker’s eyes.

Seattle - 1971

Seattle - 1971

When Peoples Bank decided to build a new 24 story bank building in downtown Seattle in 1973 Jack was put on the payroll to help as he was a proven winner. Peoples Bank required a college degree for anyone serving in upper management, which Jack did not have. The Board held a special meeting and Jack was appointed Assistant Vice President and shortly thereafter Vice President and Manager of Real Estate Division of Peoples National Bank of Washington. One of his memorial assignments was going to Alaska and merging three different banks into one, the Alliance Bank.

Jack has always been very active in the community serving as Commander, Star Sutherland Jr. Post of the American Legion, President Recreation Unlimited, co-founder of North Cascades Conservation Council and served on the Membership Committee of the Washington Athletic Club.

The Stevens moved back to Manson in 1989 after Barbara’s dad passed away and took over the property and the J & B Stevens Orchards. In 1994 they purchased the building where the Chelan Valley Inn sits today. They did a complete remodel and opened the Wapato Point Village Inn and operated it for 19 ½ years.

Besides their four children they have nine grandsons, three granddaughter and six great grandchildren, a wonderful family for sure. Both Barbara and Jack love living in Manson and cannot imagine living anywhere else. They have attended North Shore Bible Church since the early 1990’s and love it there. Jack said, “We love the people and I’ve been part of a wonderful bible study filled with great men in our community.” Barbara says, “I enjoy Pastor Rayment’s sermons every Sunday. He is the best speaker I’ve ever heard. I’m memorized each Sunday!”

Before I left Jack wanted to show me his pride and joy, a 1921 Model T that is fully restored. Barbara remembers with great fondest riding in the chariot in the Apple Blossom Parade. I thank Jack and Barbara for sharing their exciting life with me…….and you!

By Norm Manly

North Shore's Elder Board

Elder’s in a church are one of the keys to a successful, God influenced church. We are lucky at North Shore Bible Church to have a team of five dedicated elders and a pastor with their focus fixed firmly on Jesus and unwavering dedication to the Church’s success. I recently had an opportunity to meet with our Elder Board to learn a little more about them.

Dave, John, Larry, Tom, Rich and Pastor Craig standing

Dave, John, Larry, Tom, Rich and Pastor Craig standing

When asked for a statement regarding our elders Pastor Rayment said, “We have a great group of men who are serving as elders.  They come from diverse backgrounds, and offer a rich perspective on every issue we face as a church family.  I love and respect each of them, and am proud to serve alongside them.”

The Bible spells out the requirements and duties for an elder in 1st Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9 and 1st Peter 5:1-4 and at North Shore those verses are our guiding light. Elder terms at North Shore are three years, which can be renewed for another three years, then they must step off for one year. Our Elder Board along with Pastor Rayment takes on a wide variety of issues that affect the Church, congregation and community. Currently they are working to establish a Church Foundation for designated charitable giving, John Swenson is heading this up.


They are considering a coffeehouse at the church as a way of creating connection and sending an invitation to our community. Our pastor and elders encourage you to share your ideas. Current elders include Larry Jungk, John Swenson, Dave McCue, Tom Anglin and Rich Moore.


Larry Jungk and his bride Teri were among five couples that founded NSBC almost four decades ago. Larry grew up in Richfield, Washington and moved to Manson in 1969. He spent the next seven years teaching school at Manson High. Larry remembers very well when this young Craig Rayment met with the church for the first time. “He hadn’t completed his seminary but there was just something about him. Looking back I believe the decision for me to vote yes on hiring Craig was not of my own will but the Holy Spirit.

After all these years Pastor Rayment’s faithful service to our Church reinforces my belief we made the perfect choice,” Larry said.

Larry is serving his second term as elder and says, “My biggest strength is my weakness. I’m very open to new ideas and thinking out of the box and working as a team with the Elder Board.” Larry’s makes use of his talents serving as Inside Facilities Administrator. “I think we are doing well at North Shore. We’ve made many changes and improvements the past couple of years, we are paying as we go while still maintaining adequate reserves. The reserves are critical because any day a heat pump can fail,” Larry stated.

John Swenson enjoys a full and active life. He moved to Chelan in 2009 and retired from Confluence Health in 2013.  He is a graduate of Washington State University where he earned his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and then a Master’s in Pharmacy from University of Washington. John and his wife Claudia started attending NSBC in 1998 after buying a home in Chelan. John is currently serving his first term as an elder.

“What I bring to the table on the Elder Board is a background in healthcare administration.


 I managed pharmacy departments and some ancillary departments at three major hospitals (including Central Washington Hospital) and worked in the corporate world with software to support electronic medical record. Strengths: administration, budget, personnel management, mentoring. My job is Administrative Elder. It has been special to work out the administrative/legal aspects of Kid Haven,” John said proudly. 

John concluded, “It has been great being under Craig's strong, bible-based teaching and seeing North Shore Bible Church and its members being very involved in the community and with its citizens.”


Dave McCue is serving his first term as an elder at North Shore. He was born in Los Angeles and raised in Tacoma and the Bothell area. He became a Christian shortly after high school and soon married and was blessed with three children. He returned to school at a business college where he focus on finance. He moved his family to Wenatchee in 1978 and worked as an office manager for different companies. The family returned back to the west side and Dave spent four summers working with his father-in-law on a mining project in Alaska. During his time back home he worked for Rich’s Home Center serving as Operation Manager during their rapid growth period.

Life changed for Dave in 1987 when the marriage failed. Single parenthood and hope for reconciliation drove Dave deeper into God’s word and prayer for strength and endurance. A passion for worship grew, helped bring healing and the opportunity to serve in a local church.  Dave moved back to Wenatchee in 1991 to work with Pastor Jesus Depas at the River of Life Church. The same year Dave opened a business, McCue Construction. At first Dave mainly installed fireplaces for Swim World then moved into installing swimming pools. Dave figures he has installed over 400 pools to date and his business is doing great!

In 1992 he met his wife Patty and they were married in 1993. They moved to the Chelan Valley part time in 2001 to help take care of Patty’s’s dad who pasted away the end of that year. Curranty Patty is a full time care giver for her mother who is 96. They found their way to North Shore in 2013, a church they totally enjoy. Between them they have five children, 12 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

When asked what he brings to the Elder Board Dave said, “My background in finance is helpful in identifying ways to improve budget reporting to the congregation. Being new at this I appreciate the wisdom and experience of the rest of the elder team and hope to contribute more as I listen, learn and pray with them. I feel our church is financially stable and I hope to help keep it that way.” When asked what he thought of Pastor Rayment Dave said, “I can’t tell you how much I value Craig’s teaching sermons, they bring the Bible alive. He is blessed with great communication skills and administrative skills as well.” Dave is part of North Shore’s Worship team. We thank Dave for all he does.

Tom Anglin was born and raised in the Everett area and is serving his first term as an elder. After high school Tom joined the Army with three of his buddies in 1965. He served as crew chief aboard a medical evacuation helicopter (a Huey) in 1967 and 68. Tom has some amazing stories to share about his time in Vietnam, many are painful.

Returning back to Everett Tom served as an Everett police officer for 13 years. He sustained an injury to his knee that required a complete replacement. Once he healed up he joined the prosecutor’s office for three years and next took on the challenge of Mill Creek’s Public Safety Director.


 Tom then moved into the public sector serving as District Security Manager for Mervyn’s Department Store for eight years. Tom finished out his working career as Supervisor for Security at the Federal Courthouse in Seattle for 18 years.

Tom and his bride Karen have been married for 15 years and are blessed with seven children and four grandchildren. They built their current home in Chelan in 2003 and made weekly commutes to the west side until moving here fulltime in 2014. Shortly after they began attending North Shore.

“Being a fairly new member I bring a different perspective to the Elder Board. My duties include Sunday Morning Support where we build our volunteer team and working on Missions. Both Karen and I love it at North Shore, Tom said.

When asked about Pastor Rayment Tom said, “Craig is a strong spiritual leader and a good friend. I enjoy his sermon tremendously.”


Rich Moore was raised in the Puyallup Valley and after high school attended Washington State University receiving an education in agriculture that included construction. He went to work for St. Paul Lumber Company in Tacoma for 14 years. Rich and his wife Maxine were married in 1964 and they have four children, 12 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren!

They moved to the Entiat Valley in 1970 and purchased a 20 acre apple orchard. He also became a general contractor and opened MAR Enterprise.

In 1986 Rich and Maxine volunteered to help build a church at Eagle River, Alaska with the job taking six months. In 1987 Rich helped build North Shore Bible Church and added SOWERS Hall in 1997. They joined the SOWER (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready) Ministry and hooked their RV to the truck and took off on many missions for the next 19 years. The first project was a church in Astoria, Oregon and since then Rich figures he has helped build 20 churches.

“My main duty with the Elder Board is focused on Building Support. I have 20 years of church building experience as well as building over 115 homes. I design and draw blueprints and can produce accurate estimates for projects. We have completed a bunch of work in the past two years with major improvements. I’m very comfortable with our facilities but we must always be planning ahead,” Rich stated. “I really enjoy the entire Elder Board and find it easy to work with Pastor Craig. We work as a team with Jesus as CEO,” Rich concluded.

It was fun to get to know our Elder Board a little more and to find out just how much of a commitment it is to be an elder. Be sure to thank each one the next time you see them. There will be one empty elder seat the end of the year. Talk with Pastor Craig if you have an interest.

By Norm Manly

Mauree White - Superwoman!

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Maureen White, a half hour later I was exhausted, she has done so much! What a life she has enjoyed, as they say there’s no grass growing under her feet.

Born in Chelan on September 17, 1934 Maureen grew up during the Great Depression that lasted until 1939. “Our home was in Manson and I remember being very poor, we used apple boxes as chairs and an outdoor privies for our toilets but through it all my dad Valden and mom Stella worked hard providing for our family. I have one brother, Glen and we moved 12 times by the time I was in the eighth grade for my dad’s employment,” Maureen said.

Maureen’s grandparents homesteaded in Manson in 1916. Her mother Stella White graduated from Manson High School and was an Apple Blossom Princess in 1931. Stella was one of twelve children and Maureen is grateful for all the support the family provided in her formative years.

Maureen’s family moved to the west side after Maureen’s eighth grade year and she was finally able to settle down, graduating from Franklin High School in Seattle with honors in 1952. Before Maureen graduated from high school she was offered four jobs, she ended up working for the Boeing Company at their Seattle plant then Renton. She was an expert in shorthand and was hired as a stenographer, Maureen spent seven years with Boeing.

Maureen's graduation photo 1952

Maureen's graduation photo 1952

During that time period Maureen waited for her high school sweetheart, Zeke Taylor’s return from the Korean War. They married in 1955 and were blessed with their first son Steve in 1956, Jeff in 1957, David in 1960 and Vickie in 1962. They spent 20 years in Seattle with Zeke working as a mechanic and Maureen starting her career working with youth, teaching pre-school in classrooms operated by Green River Community College and Seattle Community College. Maureen lost Steve in 2010 and David passed away after a five year battle with cancer in 2013. “I couldn’t have made it through those times without my faith in God and the support of folks at North Shore Bible Church,” Maureen said.

For fun Maureen played softball, she was very good at the game. She played in high school and started again after her daughter was born in 1962. “I was a catcher, she said and that’s why I’ve had two knee replacements!” She played in the Renton and Issaquah leagues and her team, Anderson Plumbing, piled up many records she is still proud of. Meanwhile Zeke started racing stock cars and was very good, especially on the figure eight course at Monroe. The races were a family event with everyone rooting for dad.


Maureen is grateful for a mentor she had at Bellevue Community College (BCC) that encouraged her to return to school. “I’ve always enjoyed learning and her encouragement started me on a path to life-long learning,” Maureen stated. Maureen worked a half day as a secretary at Maple Valley College and attended school at BCC for a half day. In 1973 she received her first degree in Early Childhood Education. Unfortunately, Maureen went through a divorce in 1973 and she was on her own.

Maureen was the founder and director of the Bellevue Community Student Childcare Center, which she operated for sixteen years. Her program was such a huge success that she was in demand to help other colleges in Washington get a program started then nationally. She spent much time traveling and giving presentations, which she enjoyed.

Maureen received a second degree in Early Childhood Education – Special Education and then she received a four year degree in Program Management and Early Childhood Education from Antioch University. Finally at the age 56 Maureen received her Master’s Degree in Human Development from Pacific Oaks College in Kirkland.

With things going well in her life she met and married Chris Thompson in 1987 and he moved her back to Manson in 1989 into her current home. Maureen founded the Childcare Center in Chelan in 1993 and operated the business for nine years until rental cost for a building became too high. Then in 2002 she operated a preschool and childcare business out of her home until she had her second knee replacement. Maureen is sad to report that her second marriage ended in 1996 for reasons beyond her control.

Maureen’s mother, Stella came to live with her in 2003, Maureen took care of her for ten years until Stella’s passing just a few days past her 100th birthday.

Maureen began working with Pam Calhoun developing “Kid Haven Early Learning Center” at North Shore Bible Church in 2013. They had many hoops to jump through but finally got the business up and running April 2016 after lots of prayers! When I asked Pam Calhoun what she thought about Maureen she said, “Maureen is the heartbeat and back bone of Kid Haven. She is my mentor and I would not have attempted to start Kid Haven without her.”  Maureen serves as Assistant Director and Pre-School Teacher working 16 hours a week. They have 40 student with ages ranging from two months to twelve years. Maureen says, “I just love my time with the children and developing interesting and challenging curriculum.”

One of Maureen's favorite places, the reading room at Kid Haven

One of Maureen's favorite places, the reading room at Kid Haven

Maureen has been part of the Manson Farmers Market for 17 years where she sells homemade doggie treats and veggies when in season. She also started the Chelan Valley Genealogy Society in 1990, they have 40 members she helps trace lineages and family history. Maureen is a member of a writers group that meets regularly at the Manson Red Apple Market. On top of all this Maureen is an author with three books under her belt that contain stories and poems.

Maureen discovered North Shore Bible Church from Doctor Hurst in 2000, she has been attending ever since. “At North Shore people care about people and I want to give that back. I thoroughly enjoy our Sunday sermons from our “teaching pastor” Craig Rayment,” Maureen said. Maureen serves NSBC as a Greeter, a perfect job for her and her outgoing personality! 

Chris Rayment, Children Director at NSBC said the following about Maureen, “Maureen has a heart that is soooooo big, she is a dear dear lady that overflows with her love of Jesus and children.  So many children's lives have been touched by her gentle loving spirit.  She always has projects and ideas that will benefit her kids at Kid Haven.”

Maureen with grandson Bryce who is now in college.

Maureen with grandson Bryce who is now in college.

So what’s next for Maureen? “Number one I want to remain healthy and keep my energy level high so I can continue working with children. I have written two children books that I hope to publish very soon and then write more!” Maureen concluded.

By Norm Manly

Meet your Webmaster

John Spencer grew up as a foster child and adopted by a military family in Virginia in 1947. After high school John started a career in the US Army. He was in the 82nd Airborne Division and served as a paratrooper, infantry officer, helicopter pilot and intelligence officer.  During his 26 years of service John flew Ch-47 Chinooks, Ah-G/s Cobras, UH-1's and OH-58's. John holds a commercial pilot certificate in fix-wing, helicopter and glider.

John aboard a Cobra

John aboard a Cobra

John enjoyed an amazing career starting with his education, which includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Central Florida University and his MBA from American Graduate School of Internal Management in Arizona. He started his technical career with TRW, then continued with work in Orlando, Chicago, Los Angles, Phoenix and finally Redmond.  John worked 12 years at Boeing/McDonnell Douglas and 12 years with Microsoft Research. He began working in web development after retiring from Microsoft as a hobby. Besides North Shore John is active in our community serving as Fire Commissioner in Manson District 5 for ten years, Chelan County Sheriff Civil Service Commissioner for three years and Chelan County Sheriff Marine Patrol from 2012 to 2015.

Recently John has been playing the piano for communion

Recently John has been playing the piano for communion

John never had been to the Chelan Valley until one of his co-workers at Microsoft invited John and Marti, John’s better half for 23 years, over for a weekend and as they say, the rest is history. John and Marti have lived in Manson since 2003, moving from Redmond. They both love it here for the small town feel, the weather and the fact it is more conservative oriented.

John and Marti volunteer at North Shore and other organizations than make sense to them. When I asked John why he volunteers he said, “I believe we all need to use our skillsets to help where we can and it’s good for the brain, keeps us young.” Besides volunteering John’s interest includes spending time with their grandkids Taylor and Adam, music (piano) and drone flying.

John and Marti with grandchildren

John and Marti with grandchildren

We are fortunate at NSBC to have John as our webmaster. He designed, built and maintains the site totally on his own, that’s a huge commitment! John has given untold hours of his time to this project so be sure to thank him next time you see him. He has made the site user friendly so even if you are a novice on the computer you will be able to navigate NSBC’s site with ease.

When I asked Pastor Craig for a few words about our webmaster he said, “I have such great respect for John.  He has taught me so much when it comes to using the Internet.  John was the one who taught me that when someone emails you, email them back even if it is to say, “I got it.”  Don’t leave them hanging! John is a great blessing in our church family as our webmaster.  All the staff appreciates what he does for our church website and church directory.  Thank you, John for all you do!”

“We designed the website for two basic reasons, John stated. First it keeps our congregation up to speed and informed about NSBC and second it’s a tool to introduce NSBC to people outside the church and encourage them to visit our Thursday or Sunday service. Our goal is to increase website visits 15 to 20 percent a year.”

So what’s in it for me, why should I use NSBC’s website? You should never ask John a question like that as he could go on for a couple pages! Let’s take a look. Fire up your computer and type in the address bar. This will take you to the home page, your jump off place to explore our website.

  • Sign up for the monthly Pastor’s Letter, Announcements and Latest News that will be sent via email.
  • View the church’s online Directory, which is password protected for your safety. Using the form at the bottom of the page you can check your listing for accuracy and make changes or add yourself to the directory.
  • View church events.
  • Download past sermons.
  • View Church’s photo gallery.
  • Submit a prayer request.
  • Sign up for Online Giving that provides a secure and safe method for Offerings and Tithes.
  • Check on appropriate movies at the Christian Movie Ministry.
  • Make use of the tons of resource information available at your fingertips.
  • And much much more!

As long as you are venturing into the social media world be sure to check out the NSBC’ Facebook page for even more information. If you need help getting started contact John Spencer or Norm Manly.

By Norm Manly

Rich and Marlene Larson

If you happen to be driving down Green Avenue around 7:00 am most days you will see Rich and Marlene Larson out for their morning walk. It’s one of the things they love about the community of Manson, a great place to walk. They average between 35 and 40 miles a week!

Rich and Marlene on their morning walk

Rich and Marlene on their morning walk

Rich grew up in Marysville, Washington and worked for the City of Everett for 25 years, retiring in 2016. He was a supervisor in Public Works and wore many hats. Marlene hails from Minnesota. After graduating from Moorehead State University with a degree in marketing she went to work for BNSF (Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway) and enjoyed a rewarding 33 year career.

It’s a very interesting story how Rich and Marlene met so be sure to ask them for details. They have been married for 28 years and have two sons. Lucas the oldest is 26 and will be getting married on August 5th at Karma Winery, Jacob 23 and will graduate from the University of Washington this year. Lucas is also a graduate from the U of W.

Rich, Marlene, Jacob and Lucus July 1996

Rich, Marlene, Jacob and Lucus July 1996

Rich has been visiting Chelan since he was a young lad with his family on summer vacations. Like many of us, there isn’t much not to like in the Chelan Valley. Rich and Marlene started coming to Manson 14 years ago and camped out at her sister’s home. They sold their home in Arlington in 2014 and moved into their Manson home full time July 2016.

When asked what they like about Manson they both said, “Sunshine, quiet, slow-paced and the small community feel. It’s getting harder and harder to make trips to the west side.” They both enjoy boating on Lake Chelan, taking rides in their Jeep up the mountains exploring the beauty of our area.

They started attending NSBC in 2014. “North Shore reminds us of Smoky Point Community Church in Arlington where people practice what Christianity is all about. We were members for over 25 years”, Marlene said.

Both Rich and Marlene volunteer in several different areas at North Shore. They help out with Frenzy on Thursday nights and they are part of the Vacation Bible School team and they have been greeters at Thursday Night Together since its inception.

We are lucky to have Rich and Marlene as members of North Shore. Be sure to say hello next time you see them.

Check out the NSBC's website and also the NSBC's Facebook page

By Norm Manly