Your Connection Cafe Team and More

Long before you shave or put on your makeup for church the Connection Café team is busy making cookies, coffee and preparing for your arrival. This is one of those unsung jobs that unless you need your morning coffee or love your chocolate chip cookies this ministry goes unnoticed. I like to refer to these devoted individuals as our Hospitality Ministry.


The English dictionary defines hospitality as "the friendly treatment of guests or strangers; an act or show of welcome." That's not too far from how the New Testament Greek word (philo-xenia) breaks down—love of strangers. Coffee, cookies and treats invite strangers to stay. A snack communicates to newcomers, "You are welcome here!"

Sunday morning team Tom, Jeanne, Karen, Beth, Max and Julie

Sunday morning team Tom, Jeanne, Karen, Beth, Max and Julie

Karen Anglin, our Kitchen Coordinator and Julie Porter Barista Team Leader makes it all look easy. Karen and her team arrive at 8:00 and start baking nine dozen cookies, my favorite is the sugar cookies! Coffee and cookie team members include:

Tom and Karen Anglin
Rich and Maxine Moore
Deane Peebles
Kate and Jim Jensen
Mike and Mary Miller
Al and Carol Zalewski
Marlene and Rich Larsen
Steve and Trudy Maloof
Kathy and Jerry Jackson


Julie’s team includes baristas Max Averett, Beth Averett and Jeanne Giddings. It takes a little time learning all the possible combinations of coffee treats that are available. It’s not rocket science and Julie says she can teach to you the art of being a “barista” in a short time so if you are looking for a volunteer opportunity at North Shore this might be for you?


Pastor Rayment understands the importance of hospitality at North Shore and encourages all event coordinators to include food when possible. After Sunday morning service the congregation is invited to stay and enjoy coffee, treats and fellowship, this is a great time to get to know each other. Saturday night Karen Anglin makes 60 to 80 special treats at her home and brings them for Sunday morning – thank you Karen! Cheese, crackers and fruit are also part of the meal.

Special Halloween treats made by Karen Anglin

Special Halloween treats made by Karen Anglin

Sue and I spend our winters in Arizona and while there we attend several different churches. I can say beyond a doubt churches offering coffee and treats just feel more inviting. Our Hospitality Ministry is not limited to food and drink. Our greeters, ushers and connection desk volunteers make our visitors feel welcomed with a handshake and smile. Every member of the North Shore congregation is part of our Hospitality Ministry. We each can make our Church a “Special” place to be on a Sunday morning. Take the initiative and introduce yourself to someone you’ve not met before and with a big smile say, “We sure are glad you are here today!”

We thank all the volunteers that make North Shore Bible Church “A Caring Place in a Hurting World.”

By Norm Manly