Jim and Mary Ann Talley

Recently I had the pleasure of spending a couple of hours with Jim and Mary Ann Talley at their beautiful home overlooking the Chelan River (Gorge) and enjoying a handful of Mary Ann’s killer Chocolate Chip cookies. We talked about their four decades at North Shore Bible Church and their many active rolls that helped North Shore grow and become a magnificent place to worship our God.

Jim and Mary Ann were couple seven to join the church. “We were very pleased with the young Pastor Craig as his teachings were from the Bible, his sermons were excellent and he also served as Youth Pastor,” Jim said.

Jim and Mary Ann in 1977

Jim and Mary Ann in 1977

A vivid memory for Jim and Mary Ann was the day Pastor Craig dipped them in the cold waters of Lake Chelan, they were the first two people he baptized. Pastor Craig said, “My fear that day was that I might drown him.” Since then Craig has performed over 300 baptisms. Pastor Craig went on to say, “Jim has been a great friend and mentor in my life and I’m thankful for Jim and Mary Ann.”

Mary Ann is very proud to say she was a stay at home mom and raised three children, one girl and two boys. They now have five grandchildren and four great grandchildren. Jim spent his working career as a history teacher and coached football and basketball for 27 years at Chelan High School. The Talley’s also operated an apple orchard for years.

Jim was appointed the third Elder at North Shore and he helped write the By Laws and Articles of Incorporation. Jim and Mary Ann led “Homes of Honor” for two years where parents can better learn how to raise their children by discussing their strengths and weaknesses with other parents. This series by Gary Smalley was on eight track tapes. Both Jim and Mary Ann agree this was an excellent program that brought much success to many North Shore folks. They were also involved in a program called “Care Groups” for eighteen years.

Mary Ann has led and is a member of the Women’s Thursday morning Bible study that’s been in existence for thirty years. The Talley’s have hosted small groups at their home for fifteen years. In fact their living room is set up specifically for hosting the meetings.

Jim and Mary Ann are happy to see North Shore Bible Church thriving and stronger than ever! They think the world of the North Shore team and gives a big shout out to Efren for his work with the Worship team and youth programs. Jim and Mary Ann said, “We love our Church.” The Talley’s will celebrate their 59th wedding anniversary on September 6.

By Norm Manly

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