Get Connected - Stay Connected

I really enjoy our worship music and outstanding and inspiring messages from Pastor Craig but what I really like about North Shore Bible Church is the people. We are blessed with an amazing staff and congregation with a caring heart and much to offer to our church and community.

Norm’s News from North Shore is designed to build on positives already in place by providing information and opportunities for networking and volunteering, which will bring us closer together as a church.

Communication is the key in building great relationships and at North Shore we work hard to improve interactions between the church, our congregation and community on a daily basis. But communication is a two way street and we pray that with North Shore developing doors of communication you will open them.

A great example of a door of communication was the Summer BBQ Celebration held on June 4th following Sunday service. It was wonderful to see how many were willing to spend time together and talk face to face while enjoying some great food. After every Sunday service is another great time for communication and again food is the catalyst. Instead of heading home after the last song, stay and chat with old friends and meet new ones.

Like it or not the computer and now smart phones have made it possible to communicate with people instantly. Information can be shared through emails, documents and photos for very little cost. North Shore Bible Church uses this form of communication with Pastor Craig’s monthly email message and the church’s website We encourage you to visit and save our website as a favorite. John Spencer, our website guru has put together and amazing website with tons of information. The website also host our Church Directory, check to make sure are listed. If you struggle with this new electronic age just ask me or one of the staff to help you get started.

Norm’s News from North Shore will be emailed to those signed up to receive emails and it will also be placed on the church’s website.

By Norm Manly