North Shore's Elder Board

Elder’s in a church are one of the keys to a successful, God influenced church. We are lucky at North Shore Bible Church to have a team of five dedicated elders and a pastor with their focus fixed firmly on Jesus and unwavering dedication to the Church’s success. I recently had an opportunity to meet with our Elder Board to learn a little more about them.

Dave, John, Larry, Tom, Rich and Pastor Craig standing

Dave, John, Larry, Tom, Rich and Pastor Craig standing

When asked for a statement regarding our elders Pastor Rayment said, “We have a great group of men who are serving as elders.  They come from diverse backgrounds, and offer a rich perspective on every issue we face as a church family.  I love and respect each of them, and am proud to serve alongside them.”

The Bible spells out the requirements and duties for an elder in 1st Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9 and 1st Peter 5:1-4 and at North Shore those verses are our guiding light. Elder terms at North Shore are three years, which can be renewed for another three years, then they must step off for one year. Our Elder Board along with Pastor Rayment takes on a wide variety of issues that affect the Church, congregation and community. Currently they are working to establish a Church Foundation for designated charitable giving, John Swenson is heading this up.


They are considering a coffeehouse at the church as a way of creating connection and sending an invitation to our community. Our pastor and elders encourage you to share your ideas. Current elders include Larry Jungk, John Swenson, Dave McCue, Tom Anglin and Rich Moore.


Larry Jungk and his bride Teri were among five couples that founded NSBC almost four decades ago. Larry grew up in Richfield, Washington and moved to Manson in 1969. He spent the next seven years teaching school at Manson High. Larry remembers very well when this young Craig Rayment met with the church for the first time. “He hadn’t completed his seminary but there was just something about him. Looking back I believe the decision for me to vote yes on hiring Craig was not of my own will but the Holy Spirit.

After all these years Pastor Rayment’s faithful service to our Church reinforces my belief we made the perfect choice,” Larry said.

Larry is serving his second term as elder and says, “My biggest strength is my weakness. I’m very open to new ideas and thinking out of the box and working as a team with the Elder Board.” Larry’s makes use of his talents serving as Inside Facilities Administrator. “I think we are doing well at North Shore. We’ve made many changes and improvements the past couple of years, we are paying as we go while still maintaining adequate reserves. The reserves are critical because any day a heat pump can fail,” Larry stated.

John Swenson enjoys a full and active life. He moved to Chelan in 2009 and retired from Confluence Health in 2013.  He is a graduate of Washington State University where he earned his Bachelor of Pharmacy degree and then a Master’s in Pharmacy from University of Washington. John and his wife Claudia started attending NSBC in 1998 after buying a home in Chelan. John is currently serving his first term as an elder.

“What I bring to the table on the Elder Board is a background in healthcare administration.


 I managed pharmacy departments and some ancillary departments at three major hospitals (including Central Washington Hospital) and worked in the corporate world with software to support electronic medical record. Strengths: administration, budget, personnel management, mentoring. My job is Administrative Elder. It has been special to work out the administrative/legal aspects of Kid Haven,” John said proudly. 

John concluded, “It has been great being under Craig's strong, bible-based teaching and seeing North Shore Bible Church and its members being very involved in the community and with its citizens.”


Dave McCue is serving his first term as an elder at North Shore. He was born in Los Angeles and raised in Tacoma and the Bothell area. He became a Christian shortly after high school and soon married and was blessed with three children. He returned to school at a business college where he focus on finance. He moved his family to Wenatchee in 1978 and worked as an office manager for different companies. The family returned back to the west side and Dave spent four summers working with his father-in-law on a mining project in Alaska. During his time back home he worked for Rich’s Home Center serving as Operation Manager during their rapid growth period.

Life changed for Dave in 1987 when the marriage failed. Single parenthood and hope for reconciliation drove Dave deeper into God’s word and prayer for strength and endurance. A passion for worship grew, helped bring healing and the opportunity to serve in a local church.  Dave moved back to Wenatchee in 1991 to work with Pastor Jesus Depas at the River of Life Church. The same year Dave opened a business, McCue Construction. At first Dave mainly installed fireplaces for Swim World then moved into installing swimming pools. Dave figures he has installed over 400 pools to date and his business is doing great!

In 1992 he met his wife Patty and they were married in 1993. They moved to the Chelan Valley part time in 2001 to help take care of Patty’s’s dad who pasted away the end of that year. Curranty Patty is a full time care giver for her mother who is 96. They found their way to North Shore in 2013, a church they totally enjoy. Between them they have five children, 12 grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

When asked what he brings to the Elder Board Dave said, “My background in finance is helpful in identifying ways to improve budget reporting to the congregation. Being new at this I appreciate the wisdom and experience of the rest of the elder team and hope to contribute more as I listen, learn and pray with them. I feel our church is financially stable and I hope to help keep it that way.” When asked what he thought of Pastor Rayment Dave said, “I can’t tell you how much I value Craig’s teaching sermons, they bring the Bible alive. He is blessed with great communication skills and administrative skills as well.” Dave is part of North Shore’s Worship team. We thank Dave for all he does.

Tom Anglin was born and raised in the Everett area and is serving his first term as an elder. After high school Tom joined the Army with three of his buddies in 1965. He served as crew chief aboard a medical evacuation helicopter (a Huey) in 1967 and 68. Tom has some amazing stories to share about his time in Vietnam, many are painful.

Returning back to Everett Tom served as an Everett police officer for 13 years. He sustained an injury to his knee that required a complete replacement. Once he healed up he joined the prosecutor’s office for three years and next took on the challenge of Mill Creek’s Public Safety Director.


 Tom then moved into the public sector serving as District Security Manager for Mervyn’s Department Store for eight years. Tom finished out his working career as Supervisor for Security at the Federal Courthouse in Seattle for 18 years.

Tom and his bride Karen have been married for 15 years and are blessed with seven children and four grandchildren. They built their current home in Chelan in 2003 and made weekly commutes to the west side until moving here fulltime in 2014. Shortly after they began attending North Shore.

“Being a fairly new member I bring a different perspective to the Elder Board. My duties include Sunday Morning Support where we build our volunteer team and working on Missions. Both Karen and I love it at North Shore, Tom said.

When asked about Pastor Rayment Tom said, “Craig is a strong spiritual leader and a good friend. I enjoy his sermon tremendously.”


Rich Moore was raised in the Puyallup Valley and after high school attended Washington State University receiving an education in agriculture that included construction. He went to work for St. Paul Lumber Company in Tacoma for 14 years. Rich and his wife Maxine were married in 1964 and they have four children, 12 grandchildren and 18 great grandchildren!

They moved to the Entiat Valley in 1970 and purchased a 20 acre apple orchard. He also became a general contractor and opened MAR Enterprise.

In 1986 Rich and Maxine volunteered to help build a church at Eagle River, Alaska with the job taking six months. In 1987 Rich helped build North Shore Bible Church and added SOWERS Hall in 1997. They joined the SOWER (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready) Ministry and hooked their RV to the truck and took off on many missions for the next 19 years. The first project was a church in Astoria, Oregon and since then Rich figures he has helped build 20 churches.

“My main duty with the Elder Board is focused on Building Support. I have 20 years of church building experience as well as building over 115 homes. I design and draw blueprints and can produce accurate estimates for projects. We have completed a bunch of work in the past two years with major improvements. I’m very comfortable with our facilities but we must always be planning ahead,” Rich stated. “I really enjoy the entire Elder Board and find it easy to work with Pastor Craig. We work as a team with Jesus as CEO,” Rich concluded.

It was fun to get to know our Elder Board a little more and to find out just how much of a commitment it is to be an elder. Be sure to thank each one the next time you see them. There will be one empty elder seat the end of the year. Talk with Pastor Craig if you have an interest.

By Norm Manly