Men’s Night, Change of Watch

Men’s Night at North Shore Bible Church started June of 2013. The idea behind Men’s Night was to bring the men of North Shore together for a time of fellowship, food and fun in a non-Bible study format. A Men’s group is one of the most difficult ministries to get started and keep going in a church as men don’t need any help and we can get along just fine by ourselves, thank you!


The basic structure of Men’s Night starts with a dinner prepared by a couple of the men. This is followed by circling chairs and talking about things the group can do to help others in our church and community. The night finishes off with discussion questions requiring more than a yes or no answer. As we get to know and trust each other, many of the discussion questions open secrets locked inside, some good and some not so good, a very healing process.

Three years ago, Tom Anglin took the helm of Men’s Night at North Shore. We thank him for his efforts and accomplishments helping folks in our church. Tom has enjoyed his time leading the group but he is stretched thin as he serves as an Elder at North Shore, volunteers helping his wife, Karen, serving as Kitchen Coordinator, co-chair of the Chelan Rotary’s Cycle De Vine event and now serves as President of Lake Chelan Health and Wellness Foundation. Tom has a volunteer’s heart and we thank him!

At our May 10th Men’s Night, Tom announced that he was stepping down and asked for a volunteer to take over the duties of Men’s Night. Jerry Smith put up his hand (think he wanted to go to the bathroom) and we all agreed he would be a great choice. Jerry accepted and now leads Men’s Night. Thank you Jerry!!

Tom Anglin and Jerry

Tom Anglin and Jerry


Jerry grew up on his parent’s wheat farm in Dayton, Washington, near Walla Walla. They had 660 acres in wheat, barley and peas along with hay for livestock, Jerry learned at an early age the meaning of hard work! He also learned somewhere along the line he did not want to be a farmer for the rest of his life! Jerry has three younger sisters, all brought up in a Christian home with a very happy and rural childhood.

After graduation from high school, he attended the University of Idaho where he graduated with a B.S. Degree in Education, Math/French. He then moved to Washtucna, Washington, just south of Ritzville, and took a job as a teacher for junior and senior high students, educating them in math, science and French. He married at this time and was blessed with two daughters and a son. Unfortunately, this marriage only lasted ten years. He now has two grandsons.

Jerry moved back to Dayton and taught at Dayton Junior and Senior High School while helping his dad on the farm for several years. Meanwhile, he earned his Master’s Degree in Guidance and Counseling at the University of Idaho.  Later, he moved to Colton, Washington serving as K-12 Guidance Director and part-time teacher for the Colton School District.

About this time, Jerry’s dad was in failing health, so he moved back to Dayton to help his dad on the farm while beginning his career in Real Estate. Jerry’s dad passed away in 1983, and Jerry began juggling his time between farming, being a realtor and enjoying family times, motorcycling, music, fishing and his Blue Mountain cabin. About 20 years later, the farm was sold by consensus with his three sisters. Around this time, Jerry found his real passion in life, becoming certified as a Mediator Practitioner, a new way to help others. Mediation is part-time work he still enjoys to this day.

A great financial break came when Jerry was hired as the head Real Estate Broker for a 160-lot subdivision in Pasco, Washington, taking nearly three years to sell all the newly constructed homes. That opportunity opened the door for many years of real estate success in the Tri-Cities.

In 2004 he married the love of his life, Kristi, whom he knew from his earlier Dayton days, acquiring a step daughter and two grand-daughters. They spent their honeymoon on Maui and lived in West Richland, Washington. They began visiting Manson in 2010, usually staying at Wapato Point. They both fell in love with our community and had numerous discussions about moving here. “During that time, we would attend North Shore Bible Church in Manson whenever possible. Looking back on our decision to move to Manson, our love of the church was the final plus that pushed us over the top”, Jerry said. In 2015, they purchased a lot in “The Village at Lake Chelan”.  Then in 2016, they had their new home built.

Jerry is now part-time retired, part-time working as a realtor with Frontline Real Estate and part-time working as a freelance Mediator. Jerry and Kristi enjoy traveling to the Oregon Coast, Canada, Arizona and have taken several cruises to Alaska. At least once a year they visit Kristi’s daughter and two grand-daughters in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jerry started coming to Men’s Night in the fall of 2016. “It’s a warm and friendly environment and a great opportunity to learn more about the men of our church”, Jerry stated. As a group we’ve decided to meet once a month (2nd Thursday) at the church during the summer months and will continue to seek out other venues where we can enjoy each other’s company. June 14 is our next scheduled Men’s Night at North Shore starting at 5:30 and we plan to attend an Applesox baseball game on June 21 in Wenatchee.

You do not need to be a member of North Shore to take part in the Men’s Ministry activities. We encourage you to invite family, friends, neighbors and co-workers.

By Norm Manly