NSBC Library

Location & Hours

Located near the main entrance of NSBC, the Library is open Sunday mornings and Tuesday through Friday during regular business hours.


Anyone who attends the church on a regular basis is welcome to borrow books from the NSBC Library. Please ask a Committee Member for help if you are visiting our Church and would like to borrow materials.

The Library Committee is so pleased that many of you are taking advantage of the wonderful books and tapes available in the library. We have Bibles, reference materials, biographies, DVD’s, audio and video tapes, novels, children and youth materials, adult Christian living and growth books, just to name a few. We invite you to come in and browse and make yourself at home and become acquainted with all the tremendous authors that the Lord has gifted us with. We would also remind anyone who may have an overdue book or tape to please return them to the church library at your earliest convenience. The committee members also call  with a reminder of the name of the book or tape. Thank you.

Check Out                           Library List of Categories

First time patrons need to fill out a signature card. Place the signature card in the basket on the desk. Next select your book(s) and/or videos and remove the card(s) from the pocket on the inside back cover. Write the date, your full name, and your phone number on the card. Put the card(s) in the check out basket on the Library desk. Follow the written check-out procedure instructions on the desk.

Time Frame

Books may be check out for 3 weeks. Videos, Audios & DVD’s may be checked out for 1 week.


You are responsible to return checked out books, audios, videos & DVD’s within the 1 to 3 week timeframe. You are also responsible for replacing any lost or damaged books. There is no limit on the number of books or videos that you may check out, however, we ask you and your family to be good stewards of God’s resources.

Book Drop

Please return Library materials to the green book return receptacle, located in the Library. The Library Committee will put the items back on the shelves. Please do not do this yourself.


We welcome donations of money, books, videos, audio tapes, DVD’s and magazines for the church library. We prefer donations to be current. All donations will become property ofNorth Shore Bible Church. Duplicates are given to other church libraries, people who have a need, or sold in order to buy new books. If donated materials do not promote Biblical or moral values, they will be given or thrown away.

Reading Resources

Library Resources for Students

Christian Book Distributors (Christianbook.com)