Welcome to Meal Train - See Current Need Below

Organized meal giving around significant life events.

What this really means...

When a friend is in need, everyone asks "What can I do to help?" The answer is always to make a meal. When many friends make and deliver a meal, this is a meal train.

This free program will eliminate confusion and increase support. There will be a calendar and meal instructions, likes and dislikes, availability, allergies and when needed. 

To be included, the organizer at North Shore will send you the unique web address that links to the specific Meal Train (see example) either from within mealtrain.com, via their personal email, or through Facebook. (To protect privacy, Meal Trains are not searchable.)

Each Meal Train has a unique web address which acts like a key for entry to your Meal Train. Example: www.mealtrain.com/qyqn9 Only those who have this unique address are able to participate. Your Meal Train information is not public.

Once you receive the unique web address, click it or copy and paste it in the browser bar. You will be directed to your friend's Meal Train where you can see a list of needs and dates available. To participate, click on the 'Volunteer For This' button next to a preferred date/activity and follow the instructions.

Once the Meal Train is created, the recipient will be invited to log in and view/edit the Meal Train. In addition, they will also be notified via email each time someone books or cancels a date.

If you have questions about this program you can visit  contact our coordinator via email Timi Starkweather or call 509.699.9362