June 23rd 2016

Men’s Night Recap

June 23rd, 2016

It was pizza night at North Shore Bible Church with 13 guys taking a couple slices. We thank our head chef John Jamienson and his baker Mike Zeitner for their efforts. It was Costco pizza and I thought it was pretty dang good. Mike’s dessert was very tasty!

We made the decision to attend an Apple Sox baseball game on July 14th rather then hold our traditional Men’s Night. The Apple Sox will be playing Bend, Oregon starting at 7:05. They play at Paul Thomas Sr. Field - 1300 5th Street in Wenatchee. Ticket price is $7 for general admission. There was some talk about going in early and having something to eat prior to the game? We will plan to carpool. Let me know if you want to join us and I will start a sign up list.

Tom Anglin brought us up to speed on a couple “helping hands” projects. Be sure to check with Tom if you are interested in helping out.

Didn’t talk about date night but will need to get serious about it pretty soon!

Next we read Revelations 17, 18 and 19 and then had a discussion. Sure nice to have Pastor Craig there with his input.

Don Bell was visiting us for the first time. Hope to see him again. Our next regular Men’s Night will be on Thursday – July 28. Tom Anglin has agreed to make dessert. We still need a head chef for the night. Let me know if you are willing to help.

November Recap

Men’s Night Recap

November 19, 2015

Before we opened our meeting with prayer we were introduced to Mike Zeitner, a new member to our community. He just moved here from Port Ludlow and will begin building a home very soon. Welcome aboard Mike!!!

Lee Cook (thanks to Pug Cook) put together a wonderful main dish of chicken and rice…it was great; all 15 men in attendance were impressed. Lou Blaesi (thanks to Karen) provided a great salad and a tasty treat for dessert. We also had garlic bread and a pink Jello like food item (didn’t know how to explain) but it was great…..had two servings!!!

Since I will be heading south on December 10 I threw out the question what did the Men’s Group want to do until spring. The vote was overwhelming that we will continue with Men’s Night on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Tom Anglin volunteer to take my spot as coordinator……thanks Tom!!!! For the month of December there will be only one Men’s Night and that will be on December 10. Then we will begin the New Year with a meeting on January 7. Tom is looking for two chefs for the December 10 dinner.

Chris Jamieson had a request list for us that included adding a few chair for Sunday service, hanging the clock in the back of the room and help with raking the leaves at the church entrance. Al Zalewski was not at the meeting but we gave him a call as he is in charge of the church grounds. Al asks that anyone willing to help rake up leaves be at the church at 9:00 on Saturday. There Chris your list is complete!!!

I talked a bit about North Shore Strong and a meeting we will have with Chelan Valley Hope on November 30. We want to keep NSS together and maybe expand our horizons a bit. More info after our meeting.

Darrell Alkema asked if we wanted to put together an effort to help people from our church that have needs such as minor repairs, yard work, etc. Sounded like a great idea to everyone. Darrell will take the lead and review request and ask for volunteers to assist. John Spencer will make a request form on the church website and we will ask Chris Jamieson to add a request form to the bulletin.

Finally I made everyone aware of a service called North West MedStar. Rather than explain it just follow this link for information  https://www.nwmedstar.org/Membership

We ended the evening talking about our plans for the winter. Some will remain in Manson and others will travel. It was fun hearing all the answers. I will miss you all while I’m away and look forward to seeing you again in the spring!


October 15th Recap

Another Men’s Night at North Shore Bible Church is in the history books and it was a great night. We started off with some wonderful food, white bean and chicken chili, corn bread, French bread, salad and a super tasty apple crisp with whip cream. We thank Tom Anglin and Lee Cook for their efforts. Stepping up to the plate for our November 5 Men’s Night will be Darrell Alkema and Mel DeLong, thanks guys.

After dinner I brought up the fact that some in our group have already departed for warmer weather (couldn’t be any better than right here) and others will be heading south soon. The group wants to continue with our meetings through November and then talk about the rest of the winter. Could be those remaining might just want to go out for breakfast? 

Next I reminded everyone about the upcoming ICE (in case of emergency) meeting that will take place on Tuesday – October 20 starting at 8:00 at North Shore Bible Church. This meeting will set the stage of a Communication and Preparedness Fair that will be held on Saturday – November 7 at North Shore from 1 to 3. I’m encouraging North Shore members to consider being on the ICE team.

Next I made everyone aware on the Manson Chamber of Commerce sponsored “Manson Night to Remember and Silent Auction” on Thursday – October 22. This will be a fun night open to the public. The MCC will honor several individuals for their efforts this past year. The venue is the Mill Bay Casino starting with a social hour at 6:00 followed by a prime rib dinner at 7:00. Ticket price is $30 and you can get tickets at the Green Dot, Mountain View Lodge and other local businesses.

Pastor Craig reminded everyone about and upcoming event called Trunk or Treat that will be held in the church parking lot on Halloween, October 31, from 5 until you run out of candy. This event is also sponsored by the Manson Chamber of Commerce. Craig would like the congregation to bring at least 30 cars, SUVs, vans or trucks. Your rig can be decorated or not. Just have a big supply of candy to hand out to kids. I for one plan to be there, sounds like fun!

We next moved into the question for night, which really brought up some great conversation. Have you had times in your life when you had to be strong even though you didn’t want to? How have you strengthen your family, marriage, work relationships, friendships, faith, etc.? Do you have someone you look up to as a strong person?


Mark your calendar for our next Men’s Night meeting on Thursday – November 5 at 6:00

October 1st Recap

Let me say first if you like lasagna like I love lasagna and you were not at Men’s Night you really missed out!!!! Max Avritt made three BIG lasagnas that were the best I’ve ever had! Great job Max! Doug Storaasli added garlic bread and Cesar salad and homemade brownies with chocolate chip ice cream. The twelve men in attendance were really spoiled.

I’m just about sure that Tom Anglin volunteer to be our cook for the next Men’s Night on Thursday – October 15. He will be looking for a second cook to help out. Just send me an email with your willingness to help Tom.

After dinner I talked a little about the ICE (in case of emergency) meeting I attended this morning. Jeff Conwell, owner of the Green Dot is heading up the group. They are putting together an emergency communication plan for Manson that involves North Shore Bible Church. The Church will be the focal point in Manson to find information when and emergency occurs. They have built a one page document with a map on the back indicating where North Shore is located along with the two fire stations and the high school. The front side has a ton of information with phone numbers and websites. These will be given out to hotels, motels and summer rentals in our community to help the tourist. If you would like to be involved in this effort join us on October 20 at 8:00 am at North Shore Bible Church. At that meeting we will finalize our plan for an Emergency Preparedness Fair that will be held at North Shore on November 7 starting at 1:00 for two hours. There will be a couple speakers and several presenters with great information for the public.

I talked a little about North Shore Strong and the fact we have only be utilized three times. Chelan Valley Hope if very surprised at the lack of people applying for help. I hope to enlist people from North Shore Strong to assist with the ICE project.

Craig brought everyone up to speed on the new gas station going in on the corner of Highway 150 and Wapato Point Road. Sounds like it will be an attractive building with 4,000 feet of space inside the store. It is being built to state of the art specs. It could be completed just before Christmas.

Then we moved on to the question of the week – God has given each of us gifts (talents). What gifts did God give you and how have you used them? It was a great discussion and we learned a little more about each other. I brought a book titled Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. You use the book along with an Internet website where you take a test. Results come back in a couple of days with your top five strengths. It’s a great gift for your child or grandchildren. Once they know there strengths it becomes easier to figure what career might work best for them. I encourage you to purchase a copy for yourself. Take the test and you will be surprised where your strengths really are.

Hope to see you at our next Men’s Night on Thursday – October 15 at 6:00.


Sep 17 Men's Ministry Recap

Men’s Night Recap

September 17, 2015

Just ten North Shore men ventured out on September 17 for Men’s Night. Pastor Craig and John Jamieson put together a wonderful pulled pork dinner with coleslaw. Tom Anglin brought a very tasty bread pudding his wife made and of course whip cream to top it off. Doug Storaasli and Max Avritt volunteer to be cooks for our next Men’s Night on Thursday - October 1

After dinner John Spencer provided information about a Manson Fire Department event on September 26 and 27. The Fire Department will be showcasing their new water tanker, an impressive piece of equipment. Food will be provided so bring the kids and grandkids so they can sit in the truck.

Bruce Bain filled us in on work at the Habitat for Humanity house off Green Ave. Bruce volunteer representing North Shore as a painter. It was a good experience for Bruce and he asked Mark Reimers, Executive Director Habitat for Humanity to give us a heads up when volunteers are needed again.

Next up was a critique of Date Night that turned out to be a big success. Even though some of the ladies were not too thrilled about golf they all enjoyed the great dinner and the door prizes. We will plan another Date Night for next September. There was some talk about having an additional Date Night in May, maybe on the Lady of the Lake? Will discuss at our next meeting. Once again a big thank you to Bruce!!

Tom Anglin filled us in on the efforts at Chelan Valley Hope helping the Chelan fire victims. Because of the fires and expected need for help North Shore Bible Church put together a ministry called North Shore Strong. Our goal is to work with Chelan Valley Hope and purchase items and deliver to fire victims that had registered with Chelan Valley Hope. To everyone’s surprise we have only had to shop three times!!!!! Chelan Valley Hope thinks there will be more requests as time goes by…..North Shore Strong is ready.

I attended a meeting of a group of folks that want to put together an “In Case of Emergency” plan for Manson that could be called on for any emergency situation, fire, earthquake, etc. The group is developing a one-page document that will have a map of Manson on the back highlighting both fire stations, Manson High School and North Shore Bible Church. On the front will be information that will come in handy in case of an emergency and will be given to hotels and motels in the area. The group will hold an In Case of Emergency Information Fair on Saturday – November 7 at North Shore Bible Church. I believe North Shore Strong could be an important part of the In Case of Emergency Plan.

We ended the night taking a shot at the question of the week - We learn from example so looking back what did you learn from your dad about raising children? Did you use his example in raising your children and if not what example did you pass on to your children?

Mark your calendar for Thursday, October 1 and our next Men’s Night at North Shore

August 20th Men's Ministry Recap

We had a nice group of ten for our Men’s Night on August 20th. That’s not bad considering the fires, smoke and problems in our Valley.


Lee Cook and I put together a pretty dang good meal if I don’t say so for myself! We enjoyed a creamy chicken over white rice, ravioli, salad and garlic bread. Tom Anglin’s wife sent along a wonderful apple cake for dessert. Almost forgot about some juicy sliced peaches right off our tree…..very good! Pastor Craig and John Jamieson signed up as cooks for our next meeting on Thursday – September 17.


Bruce Bain brought us up to speed on “Date Night” that was cancelled last Sunday because of the fires. After much discussion (trying to figure out how we could watch all the Seahawk games) it was decided to hold Date Night on Thursday – September 3rd. If you have already signed up and cannot make that day just get ahold of Bruce for a refund. If you have not signed up there is room for you and your bride. Just see Bruce on Sunday.


Next we talked about Seahawk tailgate parties. In the past we held tailgate events at North Shore in the gym. It would cost about $60 a month to have our big screen TV hooked to the cable. We talked about having the parties at the homes of congregation members. Maybe more than one home per game? Send me your thoughts on this subject as we are going to study it a little more.


I led a discussion on how North Shore Bible Church and the Men’s Group can help fire victims in our community. I have meet with the folks at Chelan Valley Hope and they are very excited about our participation. I sent around a signup sheet for those that thought they could help. We will talk about our plan at next Sunday’s service.


Last on the agenda was North Shore’s partnership with the Manson Summer Nights Music Series. There WILL be a concert this coming Sunday starting at 6:30.  We hope to have the concert in Leffler Field but if there is too much smoke the concert with be in the gym at North Shore. Both entertainers want to make the event a fundraiser for Chelan Valley Hope and the fire victims. We will sell tickets to the concert on Sunday before and after the service. Tickets at $10 and children under 12 are free. For each ticket we sell North Shore will receive $5. We hope you plan to attend and asked your neighbors, friends, family and co-workers.


We then launched into our question for the night. ”What qualities do you admire I other people and who are you heroes”? Most of us admired many of the same positive qualities and there were some super stories about heroes. We ended right on time at 7:30. I thank all those in attendance and appreciate everyone’s help in cleaning up.


July 23, 2015 - Men's Night Recap

We had a great crowd at Men’s Night with nineteen in attendance! Steve Maloof and I put together a spaghetti dinner that was great……if I don’t say so myself. Trudy Maloff sent along a salad that was the best I’ve ever had. Going to try and get her recipe for the dressing. Mel DeLong brought two pies and ice cream for dessert and I can tell you for sure no one went home hungry!! Doug Storaasli and Arni Einmo volunteered to be our cooks for the next meeting on August 6. They were taking about fish balls!!!!


After dinner Bruce Bain brought us up to speed on Date Night that is set for August 16. He has started taking reservations so be sure to sign up early. We are required to pay in advance. You can pay Bruce with cash or check made out to Bruce Bain.


Next we talked about going to the AppleSox baseball game in August…….actually I talked about it, didn’t seem like much interest. I picked Tuesday – August 4th for the game. Anyone that would like to join me will need to be at the church at 5:30 and we will carpool down. The AppleSox will play Walla Walla.


North Shore Bible Church has committed to partner with the Manson Summer Night Concert Series on Sunday – August 23rd. For each ticket we pre-sell the church will receive $5. I have 100 tickets and will ask members of the congregation to not only purchase tickets for their own use but to try and sell a few. I will be a great concert and a wonderful time of fellowship for North Shore folks.


Finally we got to our question of the night. Frustration and anger are almost always a negative emotion. When you were young how did you handle your anger and as you grew older what has changed? We used the “talking stick” again this week and everyone shared. We all learned something tonight!


Mark your calendars for Thursday – August 6th for our next Men’s Night.


Norm Manly

Men’s Night Leader