October 1st Recap

Let me say first if you like lasagna like I love lasagna and you were not at Men’s Night you really missed out!!!! Max Avritt made three BIG lasagnas that were the best I’ve ever had! Great job Max! Doug Storaasli added garlic bread and Cesar salad and homemade brownies with chocolate chip ice cream. The twelve men in attendance were really spoiled.

I’m just about sure that Tom Anglin volunteer to be our cook for the next Men’s Night on Thursday – October 15. He will be looking for a second cook to help out. Just send me an email with your willingness to help Tom.

After dinner I talked a little about the ICE (in case of emergency) meeting I attended this morning. Jeff Conwell, owner of the Green Dot is heading up the group. They are putting together an emergency communication plan for Manson that involves North Shore Bible Church. The Church will be the focal point in Manson to find information when and emergency occurs. They have built a one page document with a map on the back indicating where North Shore is located along with the two fire stations and the high school. The front side has a ton of information with phone numbers and websites. These will be given out to hotels, motels and summer rentals in our community to help the tourist. If you would like to be involved in this effort join us on October 20 at 8:00 am at North Shore Bible Church. At that meeting we will finalize our plan for an Emergency Preparedness Fair that will be held at North Shore on November 7 starting at 1:00 for two hours. There will be a couple speakers and several presenters with great information for the public.

I talked a little about North Shore Strong and the fact we have only be utilized three times. Chelan Valley Hope if very surprised at the lack of people applying for help. I hope to enlist people from North Shore Strong to assist with the ICE project.

Craig brought everyone up to speed on the new gas station going in on the corner of Highway 150 and Wapato Point Road. Sounds like it will be an attractive building with 4,000 feet of space inside the store. It is being built to state of the art specs. It could be completed just before Christmas.

Then we moved on to the question of the week – God has given each of us gifts (talents). What gifts did God give you and how have you used them? It was a great discussion and we learned a little more about each other. I brought a book titled Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath. You use the book along with an Internet website where you take a test. Results come back in a couple of days with your top five strengths. It’s a great gift for your child or grandchildren. Once they know there strengths it becomes easier to figure what career might work best for them. I encourage you to purchase a copy for yourself. Take the test and you will be surprised where your strengths really are.

Hope to see you at our next Men’s Night on Thursday – October 15 at 6:00.