Sep 17 Men's Ministry Recap

Men’s Night Recap

September 17, 2015

Just ten North Shore men ventured out on September 17 for Men’s Night. Pastor Craig and John Jamieson put together a wonderful pulled pork dinner with coleslaw. Tom Anglin brought a very tasty bread pudding his wife made and of course whip cream to top it off. Doug Storaasli and Max Avritt volunteer to be cooks for our next Men’s Night on Thursday - October 1

After dinner John Spencer provided information about a Manson Fire Department event on September 26 and 27. The Fire Department will be showcasing their new water tanker, an impressive piece of equipment. Food will be provided so bring the kids and grandkids so they can sit in the truck.

Bruce Bain filled us in on work at the Habitat for Humanity house off Green Ave. Bruce volunteer representing North Shore as a painter. It was a good experience for Bruce and he asked Mark Reimers, Executive Director Habitat for Humanity to give us a heads up when volunteers are needed again.

Next up was a critique of Date Night that turned out to be a big success. Even though some of the ladies were not too thrilled about golf they all enjoyed the great dinner and the door prizes. We will plan another Date Night for next September. There was some talk about having an additional Date Night in May, maybe on the Lady of the Lake? Will discuss at our next meeting. Once again a big thank you to Bruce!!

Tom Anglin filled us in on the efforts at Chelan Valley Hope helping the Chelan fire victims. Because of the fires and expected need for help North Shore Bible Church put together a ministry called North Shore Strong. Our goal is to work with Chelan Valley Hope and purchase items and deliver to fire victims that had registered with Chelan Valley Hope. To everyone’s surprise we have only had to shop three times!!!!! Chelan Valley Hope thinks there will be more requests as time goes by…..North Shore Strong is ready.

I attended a meeting of a group of folks that want to put together an “In Case of Emergency” plan for Manson that could be called on for any emergency situation, fire, earthquake, etc. The group is developing a one-page document that will have a map of Manson on the back highlighting both fire stations, Manson High School and North Shore Bible Church. On the front will be information that will come in handy in case of an emergency and will be given to hotels and motels in the area. The group will hold an In Case of Emergency Information Fair on Saturday – November 7 at North Shore Bible Church. I believe North Shore Strong could be an important part of the In Case of Emergency Plan.

We ended the night taking a shot at the question of the week - We learn from example so looking back what did you learn from your dad about raising children? Did you use his example in raising your children and if not what example did you pass on to your children?

Mark your calendar for Thursday, October 1 and our next Men’s Night at North Shore