NSBC FUEGO YOUTH: At FUEGO Youth, we strive to serve teenagers with all sorts of different backgrounds and life stories. Regardless of the story or background, we believe in planting seeds by teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ and guiding any curious young person as they form and struggle with the concept of accepting Jesus as their living Savior.


          EFREN ALEJO

                YOUTH PASTOR

WHO? This ministry is designed for students, grades 6-12.


WHAT? At FUEGO Youth, you can expect to play games, learn how and what it means to worship, as well as receive teachings from the Bible about who Jesus is and what it means to believe in Jesus as our Savior. Once a month a “fun day” will be scheduled where NSBC will treat the Ignite Youth group to an activity such as bowling, a movie, etc. A few times a year, the Ignite Youth will also be taken on trips such as youth conferences, field trips, etc. These “outings” are designed to break the routine of meeting in the same place at the same time with the same people and broaden a youth’s perspective by providing opportunities for teenagers to engage with the outside world, get to know new people and develop connections for their future, and deepen their relationship with Christ as well. There are also opportunities for teenagers to become involved with Ignite Youth’s worship band as well as learn technical skills such as PowerPoint, Sound, and Lighting. As these skills develop, students may receive opportunities to also serve with these skills during NSBC’s Sunday morning service with the evaluation of a student’s skill, ability to work in a team and relationship with Christ.


WHEN? Every Sunday evening at 6:00 pm in the Ignite Youth room at North Shore Bible Church. Please check the youth schedule regularly to stay updated with any schedule changes.

For more information please contact Youth Director Efren Alejo 

Church Office: 687-3636 or Cell: 509-670-4569