Chris Rayment has recommended a great resource for families when engaging with their children.

  • Hours of Christian entertainment
  • Weekly family devotionals
  • Entertainment you can trust and shows your kids and grand kids will love. 


Click on the above "jellytelly" to go to their website for further information. 

Provides a safe Christian entertainment that inspires kids, makes them laugh, and encourages their own creativity. We encourage kids to pursue a life of faith, a relationship with God, and a redemptive mission in the world.

JellyTelly is a partner for parents in our media-drenched culure. It provides safe screen time for kids, but more than that - it allows kids to enter a media world where God is real and His Word is true. It can be a powerful tool for parents and kids to spend time together watching and learning, and then talking about Jesus and their faith.

The additional information below was extracted from the Ministry Tools Resource Center a non-denominational ministry founded in 1999 for the purpose of equipping believers and followers of Jesus Christ for ministry.

General Helps for Family Ministry in the Church

Family Devotions

Family Milestones - Family Faith Celebrations

Family Faith Celebrations
To Mark Spiritual Milestones

General Parenting Resources