We offer volunteer visits, at no fee, to assist seniors to live comfortably in their own home.
Activities may include:
Support to achieve goals for health & self care
Connections to other services in the community

Caregiver support 
In the first 2 yrs of operation, TLC has averaged 25 volunteers providing 1880 visits (3293 hours of visits) to a total of 65 seniors with 18,940 miles traveled.

TLC Contact Info
CLAUDIA SWENSON: PharmD, Program Coordinator
[email protected]
(Cell: (360)561-6090
TLC for Seniors began September 2017 as an affiliate of Chelan Valley Hope: Kathy Miller (TLC Manager), Claudia Swenson (TLC Coordinator) & Sharon Lukacs (Executive Director).
The mission of the TLC for Seniors Program is to improve the care and support of vulnerable seniors (age 60+) in Chelan Valley through personal contact by a trained volunteer friend. The goal is to help meet the needs of seniors who wish to have an excellent quality of life in their own home by providing assistance with activities and access to services when needed.
Trained volunteers (must have background check, confidentiality statement, and specific policies) are paired with a senior after an initial in-home assessment by the Coordinator. Volunteers serve 2-4 hours per month. The timing of volunteer visits and tasks are mutually agreed upon. Activities may include just visiting, playing cards, doing puzzles, or helping with a home task, making appointments for health care, providing transportation for needed shopping and appointments or providing caregiver support (respite). Volunteers can assist with connecting seniors to other services such as home health, home repair and transportation.    
TLC for Seniors volunteers gather for training on caring for clients with dementia with Sheila Brandenburg, RN.
Referrals: The TLC Coordinator will need the senior’s permission to be contact. Coordinator will need birth date, address, telephone number and possible services needed.              

Donations: TLC for Seniors
PO Box 635
Chelan, WA 98816