Welcome to North Shore's 2017 VBS !

July 24th - 28th 5:40 to 8:00 PM -
An Evening VBS & Dinner

Great Family Time !


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VBS ends on Friday with


Discover the incredible mysteries of the final frontier—right from your own backyard. Your telescope becomes a portal through which you encounter amazing and wonderful things designed by a Creator who is even bigger than the vastness of His creation. But the most amazing wonder to be discovered truly boggles the mind. The God who created everything there is—the knowable and the unknowable, the visible and the invisible—wants a relationship with you! And from the very beginning, God had a plan to restore the relationship He knew we would break.

Date  July 24-28 with Friday being Waterpalooza

Time:  5:45-8:10 p.m.

Parents are asked to be apart of the Galactic Starveyers with their children

Daily VBS Schedule

     5:45 - 6:15(45 min) Dinner ’n Play

    6:15 - 6:45(30 min) Large Group Bible Time, Worship
                       everybody together, parents and all kids

    6:50- 7:15(25 min) Crafts   (two groups )

    7:20 -7:45(25 min) Games(rotate with crafts)

    7:50- 8:15Missions, Re-cap and close

 Why VBS at North Shore Bible ?  Here are 10 reasons:

  1. Kids love it. 
  2. It’s still a great outreach event. 
  3. It is an opportunity to share the gospel of Christ. 
  4. It gives the kids in your church a chance to spend some time together. 
  5. It gives adults a chance to serve and see how much fun and how rewarding working with kids can be. 
  6. Parents get a chance to hear the gospel.
  7. You can’t buy that kind of excitement in your weekend program. 
  8. You get to build relationships with kids. 
  9. You get to build relationships with adults. 
  10. It’s just plain fun.