Welcome to North Shore's Worship Ministry, under the leadership of our Worship & Youth Director, Efren Alejo and the Associate Director, Whitney Pittman ,  is to bring honor and glory to God through offerings of praise through music.

One of the simplest yet deepest truths about us is that we have been created to worship. The greatest truth about God, who exists as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is that He alone is worthy of our worship.

The Bible says God seeks people who will genuinely worship Him in spirit and in truth. Our desire is that He will find us to be the worshipers He seeks, using a blend of the great hymns many know and love along with newer praise and worship songs which many find easy to learn and sing from their hearts as well.


               Efren Alejo 


     Youth/Worship Pastor

Whitney Pittman 


Worship Assistant

If you are interested in joining our worship team, we would love to have you! No prior experience is needed however we will evaluate your musical abilities as well your spiritual relationship with God–Just come with a joyful heart, ready to sing praises to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!  

Please contact Efren at frnalejo@gmail.com

or call 509.670.4569 or the Church Office at 509.687.3636.